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Our Mini Getaway in Wildwood, NJ

This summer we decided that we would do mini getaway's vs a big trip. For this trip we decided to take the boys to Wildwood, NJ. We have not been to Wildwood in about 10 years. We actually went right before Jay's first birthday so he definitely does not remember. Taking this trip with our family and starting new summer traditions meant the world to me. It brought back so many memories for my husband and myself as we both grew up going to Wildwood with our families. If your not familiar with Wildwood, it is a city known for its resort like feel. You will find tons of motels, hotels, and vacation homes here. It has one of the longest Boardwalks in NJ filled with Arcades, Amusement Rides, Shops, & tons of Eateries. For more info go to Wildwood, NJ.

Dinosaur Fun at The Field Station

The Field Station is one of the places I have been wanting to take the kids to but just haven't had the chance to until this past weekend. I had purchased tickets on Groupon back in May and originally wanted to surprise Ayden on his Birthday with them but it was pouring rain. So I decided to just wait for the weekend that was nice with no plans and that was this past weekend. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to learn and explore everything about Dinosaurs. Ayden's first reaction was that we have made it to Jurassic Park. I couldn't stop laughing when he said that because he was so serious and mentioned he wanted to see the Raptor's trainers. I was praying that he wouldn't be disappointed because seriously kid Raptor trainers are only in the movies.