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Non Toy Gift Guide

 With the Holidays approaching and everyone shopping extra early this year I figure I would share a gift guide. The gift guide I wanted to share is a Non Toy Gift Guide. If  I am being honest my kids literally do not need anymore toys. Not only do they not need anymore toys but they also do not need things that they will only play with for the first two days and then become a dust collector. Please tell me that I am not alone on this? So this year I wanted to share a gift guide to some experience ideas. Now I know with COVID things are really different when going places but I have to say that some of these if not most have limited spaces and different time slots that have been working out pretty well. Also keep in mind most of these places are here in NJ but I am pretty sure there are similar places where you live.

Holiday Collection With Stella & Dot


Hey Guys! I can't believe I am already talking about our Holiday Collection. Stella & Dot launched their newest collection for the Holidays and I am here for it. So many sparkly and beautiful pieces with great price points. I swear with each collection that Stella & Dot drops it just gets better and better. Plus who doesn't love beautiful one of a kind pieces that you can't find anywhere else. 

I am going to share with you pieces that I am loving from the collection. Some of these pieces are on my wish list and some are making there way to me. Please don't tell my husband! lol 

Visiting The Turtle Back Zoo During Covid


Happy Fall Everyone! I can't believe that the year is almost over. I can honestly say I am ready for chilly days and some Holiday fun! We recently visited The Turtle Back Zoo here in NJ. As I was booking the tickets I realized that this would be the first theme park that we would be visiting this year during Covid.  Although this summer we went to the beach a few times we really didn't do anything else. When I told the boys they were excited because one we were finally doing something different and two because we were meeting up with some friends.