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Road Trip to Lancaster, PA


It's been over a year since the pandemic and so I was extremely nervous with the idea of going on vacation. So I decided that a Road Trip was our best bet and it couldn't be more then 2 hrs. from us. So after a recommendation from a fellow blogger I decided to look into what fun and kid friendly things to do in Lancaster, PA.  Lancaster, PA is actually 2 hrs. from us and was the perfect little staycation we needed as a family. We decided that a weekday would be best as there would be less people visiting which means this Momma would be a little less anxious.

New Stella & Dot Collection 2021

 Happy New Year MiGente! I can not believe that we are in 2021. Boy was 2020 a long year and a hard one for so many of us. Things are still obviously not as they once were but we have learned to adapt and to move on forward no matter what. I was struggling just like many of you were with the virtual learning and all the unknowns. One thing that kept me going was rocking out all my jewels with lounge wear. Lets face it we all now have a larger lounge wear wardrobe these days so why not add some fun jewels to spruce it up. 

Non Toy Gift Guide

 With the Holidays approaching and everyone shopping extra early this year I figure I would share a gift guide. The gift guide I wanted to share is a Non Toy Gift Guide. If  I am being honest my kids literally do not need anymore toys. Not only do they not need anymore toys but they also do not need things that they will only play with for the first two days and then become a dust collector. Please tell me that I am not alone on this? So this year I wanted to share a gift guide to some experience ideas. Now I know with COVID things are really different when going places but I have to say that some of these if not most have limited spaces and different time slots that have been working out pretty well. Also keep in mind most of these places are here in NJ but I am pretty sure there are similar places where you live.