|Christmas Tablescape Inspiration|

Recently I was asked if I can share some of my favorite Christmas or winter tablescapes so I rounded up my favorite ones from Pinterest. We unfortunately don't have a dinning room so I don't get to decorate our table the way these beautiful tables are decorated. Don't get me wrong I still add a little something to our everyday kitchen table but it is minimal as our kitchen table sometimes can become our catch all. #RealLife

|Christmas Gift Cards for Kids|

Not sure what to get your kids or any kids in your family for Christmas well don't stress it. Gift cards are always great for kids. My kids love receiving gift cards. They are not that type of kid that has to have an actual toy or big gift. They love anything that is given to them and appreciate it. So with that being said we decided to get some some gift cards to their favorite places versus getting them a bunch of toys that they only play with for a few weeks. My kids have tons of toys and they are not always played with. My oldest is 9 and he is starting to out grow playing with certain toys and my little guy wants everything but also only plays with things for a while and then its back to the old toys. I just think its a waste of money to go over board.

|Pajamas For All Review|

'Tis the Season of comfy and cozy pajamas. With the temps getting colder and the holiday season finally here all I want to do is stay home in my pj's. Normally I would rather be in a pair of sweats and a hoodie but lately I have been trying to be better in finding myself some comfy and cozy pajama sets. My kids have tons of sets and I always wonder why I don't have just as many. We should all be able to have soft and cozy pajamas like kids do but at affordable prices right?!?