Road Trip to Lancaster, PA


It's been over a year since the pandemic and so I was extremely nervous with the idea of going on vacation. So I decided that a Road Trip was our best bet and it couldn't be more then 2 hrs. from us. So after a recommendation from a fellow blogger I decided to look into what fun and kid friendly things to do in Lancaster, PA.  Lancaster, PA is actually 2 hrs. from us and was the perfect little staycation we needed as a family. We decided that a weekday would be best as there would be less people visiting which means this Momma would be a little less anxious.


Where We Stayed

We decided to surprise the boys with a stay at the Cartoon Network Hotel. That's right!! If you didn't know this cool place existed then now you know. It was such a cute and cool place. The boys were so surprise and couldn't believe it. They honestly thought we were just doing a day trip.  I had  packed everything in the car the night before so they had no clue. Cool points for MOM! 

Due to the time of year the outdoor pool and activities were not opened. My kids did enjoy some indoor pool time (warning the indoor pool was a a little cold). There is also a hot tub as well. The main Hotel building has an arcade room which my kids enjoyed, a craft area, cafĂ©, restaurant, and gift shop. The rooms are all theme rooms so when you book your room make sure to pick a theme. I went with the Ben 10 themed room which the boys loved. What I loved about the room was that it was a motel  modern style. The rooms were super clean but you know this momma wiped and sprayed everything down again with my travel size Lysol. I recommend a 2 day stay here max and during the week for less crowds. When I tell you the place was empty it was empty. There were maybe a handful of families there which made me feel at ease. I'm sure during the weekend it gets a little pack.

What To Do

When researching on what to do in the Lancaster area with kids I came across the Turkey Hill Experience. So of course I stalked their website and Instagram to see if it was something the kids would enjoy. I made reservations for the earliest time they had which was right when they open. I'm so glad I did that as it was getting busy as soon as we left. It was cool to see how it all started and so many hands on things for the kids. Don't worry there are plenty of hand sanitizer stations. The kids favorite part was making their own commercial and all the taste tasting we did. If you visit Lancaster definitely add this to your list to do with your family. We had a ton of fun!

I also checked what else we could do around the hotel on my google maps and found Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf. The kids had so much fun playing miniature golf. The cave reminded us of the Goonies! 

We also visited the Amish Country and did a Town Tour with Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides. I will be honest and say the kids were not about it and I was a little disappointed with the Tour we did. Unless you get a great recommendation for one I would just skip this completely. That's just my opinion.

Where to Eat

There are plenty of restaurants in the area. So you have a bunch of choices next to the hotel to choose from. The hotel also has a restaurant but the hours do vary due to covid. Here are a list of some of the restaurants in the area:



Cracker  Barrel

Texas Road House

Chick Fila

Burger King

Dunkin Donuts


Red Robin's

Waffle House

Over all we had a great 2 days in Lancaster,PA. It's exactly what we needed as a family. We laughed and made memories all while being safe. The kids can not wait for the next adventure and neither can I. I love traveling and experiencing things for the first time with them. It makes it that much more fun! 

Where was your latest adventure? Please share with me in the comments!

As always Thank You for your Love & Support!

Thank You Turkey Hill Experience for sponsoring us on our visit. 
(Although this post is partially sponsored all opinion remain my own.)

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