Non Toy Gift Guide

 With the Holidays approaching and everyone shopping extra early this year I figure I would share a gift guide. The gift guide I wanted to share is a Non Toy Gift Guide. If  I am being honest my kids literally do not need anymore toys. Not only do they not need anymore toys but they also do not need things that they will only play with for the first two days and then become a dust collector. Please tell me that I am not alone on this? So this year I wanted to share a gift guide to some experience ideas. Now I know with COVID things are really different when going places but I have to say that some of these if not most have limited spaces and different time slots that have been working out pretty well. Also keep in mind most of these places are here in NJ but I am pretty sure there are similar places where you live. 

Here are some great options for Non Toy Gifts for this Holiday season. 

CODE Ninjas

CODE Ninjas is a coding program for kids. This program is perfect for kids who love gaming and wanting to learn on how to build their own game. They have Virtual Classes and In Person Classes. I talked about our experience and you can find that post Here. For more information on the program and pricing head to Code Ninjas

Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School is another great gift idea. If you ever wanted to have your child take swim lessons or to learn some swim techniques this is the perfect swim school for just that. Helping kids get comfortable in the water, learning water safety and having fun all while being safe during these times. The classes are small and the school is super clean and has such a great system in keeping safe.        This definitely makes a great gift. Click Here for more info.

Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center makes a great gift for just about any age and anyone who loves science. The exhibits are always changing so there is always something new to check out. With all the remote learning the kids are doing these days this would be great to do with the kids as its learning and exploring in person. The Liberty Science is taking all the safety precautions to keep you and your family safe during visiting. For more info you can head to their website Here.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding would be an amazing gift to give someone who loves horses. Its a great way to get outdoors and learn how to care for them along with riding them. What's also great is that this is an outdoor activity making it super safe during these times. Down below I listed a few places here in NJ. 

1. Arrow Head Stable

2. Hidden View Farm

3. Morning Star Riding Academy & Therapeutic Riding Center

4.Breezy Meadow Equestrian 

Camden Aquarium

Camden Aquarium is such a fun and nice aquarium to visit. This would be a perfect gift for little ones. The aquarium has time slots to visit making it feel like you basically have the place to your self. No crowding and again taking all the safety precautions to keep everyone safe while enjoying everything the aquarium has to offer. My boys absolutely loved it there and loved the Shark exhibit along with learning everything about the Hippos. Have you seen hippos up close before? Click Here for more info.


I'm pretty sure that if you gifted any child a gift card to any of these places that they will love it. Sometimes it gets expensive for parents to continue lessons especially during these times so maybe instead of buying a toy give them a gift card to their existing lessons with a little something else. Experiences are so much better then filling up space with more toys. Some kids get over whelm with the amount of gifts they get that they only play with their favorite and not even open any of the others. My kids are definitely proof of that. They still have stuff that has not been open at all and its just a waste of money. 

This Holiday Season I am definitely trying to be conscious on the things I get my children and others. What are your thoughts on these types of gifts and please share anymore ideas you may have in the comments below!

As always Thank You for all your Love & Support!

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