Visiting The Turtle Back Zoo During Covid


Happy Fall Everyone! I can't believe that the year is almost over. I can honestly say I am ready for chilly days and some Holiday fun! We recently visited The Turtle Back Zoo here in NJ. As I was booking the tickets I realized that this would be the first theme park that we would be visiting this year during Covid.  Although this summer we went to the beach a few times we really didn't do anything else. When I told the boys they were excited because one we were finally doing something different and two because we were meeting up with some friends.


I wanted to share my experience with you guys in case you have been thinking about how visiting theme parks are during these times. Since the boys are remote learning at the moment we decided to purchase tickets for during the weekday since they are pretty much done by 1pm. I chose the last time slot of the day and prayed that there would not be so many people. Well let me tell you that we had the best time. The park was empty and basically felt like we had the Zoo to our selves. My little one kept telling me how he had the best time ever and thanked me a million times. It just really showed how appreciative my kids were in going out and enjoying themselves for the first time in months. Here are some simple tips to help you with your visit.

Tips for Visiting Theme Parks 

1. Tickets - Purchase your tickets ONLINE and choose your Time Slot.

 (Weekends seem to be a lot busier so take that into consideration when choosing your times and date.)

2. Rules - Check out all the Covid Guidelines and Restrictions so there are no surprises when arriving.

3. Restrooms - Check if restrooms will be open and how often they will be cleaned.

 (Thanks to my girl Kim who researched the bathroom info because that is something I didn't think to check out.)

4. Food -Bring the kids some easy snacks and water bottles etc.

 ( Some places are not selling food or drinks.)

5. Essentials - Don't forget to bring your Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wipes and Mask!

6. Arrival - Arrive a few minutes early for temperature checks because you don't want to miss your Time Slot! 

7. Lastly, Have fun! 

I know things are different these days so just remember to be cautious and follow the steps above with social distancing. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. I know a lot of us are still not taking risk and are avoiding going places. I am definitely one of those people avoiding big crowds. But I do think with most of us home that we can actually take advantage of doing things during the week after the kids are done with school. To those that are not home I get it. Try to plan for the earliest time slot to avoid any crowding. 

As always Thank You for stopping by and for all your love and support. 

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