Tesalate Beach Towel

Happy Summer Everyone! It's been a while since I have posted here on the blog. I believe the last time I shared a blog post was in April which is crazy. Time has definitely flown on by. With that being said I wanted to share with you my latest beach bag necessity must have. 

I recently received the Tesalate Towel which is not like your ordinary towel. The Tesalate Towel is made from an absorb lite fabric which feels silky & smooth.You might be thinking is that even possible for a beach towel to feel silky smooth and I'm going to say it sure is possible. I know mind blowing right. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns which is so nice especially if you like to coordinate your swim suit with your towel etc. Guys it gets better. The Tesalate also comes with its own drawstring bag making it super convenient for traveling, leaving in your car, or tossing in a beach bag.  What beach towel comes with its own bag? Seriously I was so impress with just the presentation of the towel that I was super curious to see how it would perform. Will it live up to what its advertised to do?!?

A few weeks after receiving the Tesalate we finally made it to the beach. I had told the boys all about the new towel and they were super eager to put it to the test. We laid the towel next to our blanket and the boys basically played in the sand and sat on the towel. Sand was every where and if I'm being honest my mom brain forget to take an image of all the sand on the towel. After some time I asked my oldest to just pick up the towel and he said mom look the sand came completely off. I made him put it back down so that I can see for my self and lord behold it really did not have any sand left on it. How is that even possible. The towel was also pretty much dry as well. We were at the beach I would say for about 3 hours and in that time frame the towel had gotten wet a handful of times as the boys had buckets of water and they were in and out of the ocean. So it definitely dried a lot faster than a regular beach towel in my opinion. 

The only thing that I would recommend is to purchase the larger size towel which is a lot better as far as size. We love going to the park for picnics and this towel is perfect for that but it will not fit all of us on it. Overall I am extremely impress with the Tesalate and would definitely recommend if your in search for a towel that is easy for travel and easy clean up. The vibrant patterns and colors are fun and it comes with two different patterns on each side giving you two different options. Head over to Tesalate for more information and to place your order for your very own. 

As always Thank You for all your love and support! 

(Although I received product for this post all opinions remain my own.)

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