Affordable Wide Brim Hats

Hi Babes!  Today I wanted to talk about affordable wide brim hats. If your anything like me then you know that accessories can boost up an outfit. Hats are one of those accessories that can take any outfit to the next level. My love for hats started back when I was young and obsess with the show Blossom. Yes I am that old!! I definitely owned a few of those crazy looking hats in different colors and wore them with the only confidence.

Fast forward to now in my forties and I still have a love for hats. Whether its a baseball cap, wide brim hat, or even a good winter hat I am all for it. I love how I look and feel in them and what it does for my outfit of the day. You only live once and you should definitely wear the things you love with confidence.  With having a love for these accessories it can get a little pricey. Hats can actually really be expensive and if you don't wear them often then it may not be worth it to you. I am going to share some affordable styles that won't break the bank and that won't lack the style your looking for. 

Here are a few that I have been loving and the price tags make me love them that much more!






If you ever wondered if hats would look great on you my advice is try a few until you find the one you love. I think hats look great on just about anyone. Remember to wear it with confidence and wear them for you!

Do you love hats as much as I do? Please share with me your favorite hat finds in the comments below.

As always Thank You for all your love and support!

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