SpongeBob The Musical at The State Theatre

When you think of attending musicals and shows you automatically think of Broadway, NY. I tend to forget that we have some amazing theaters right here in NJ.  A few weeks ago we attended the Broadway Series Sponge Bob the Musical at the State Theater here in New Brunswick, NJ. It was our second time attending a show at this theater and we absolutely loved it.

The kids had no clue what show we were attending and so when they saw the sign they were super excited. When we entered we of course grabbed some popcorn and refreshments because whats a show without some popcorn. lol The kids enjoyed the entertainment before the show started and quickly realized that we were underwater. The theater had some amazing lighting and so when you looked at the walls there was water waves being projected to give you the feel of being underwater which is where Bikin Bottom is located.  I have been to a lot of shows through out the years and I have to say that the set design and lighting of this show was one of my favorites. It was just so colorful and vibrant. The characters were just like the show and the actor who played Sponge Bob sounded so much like the real one. 

The show defiantly had a lot of humor along with great messages. I always love shows that have amazing messages for kids, teens and adults. I asked my oldest what was the message of the show that stuck out to him.  He immediately told me that Sponge Bob wanted to be manager of Krusty Krabs but Mr. Krabs said he wasn't suitable for the job. Sponge Bob learned an important lesson and that was that he shouldn't give up because he very much had what it takes to be a manager.

The story line pretty much is about Sponge Bob and all of  Bikini Bottom are about to face a catastrophe until an unexpected Hero rises to take center stage. It celebrates friendships, working together, strength and learning the power of unity and inclusion. 

If the Sponge Bob Musical comes to an area near you I highly recommend you to check it out with the family. I will be honest and say that my 5 year old was a little antsy through out the show.  He also was a little upset that Sponge Bob was not an actual Sponge. (Enter laughing and crying emoji here) 

The State Theater has some amazing shows coming up so definitely check out the schedule. I promise you that you won't be disappointed in your experience. Click Here for available shows!  You can also Click Here to see when the Sponge Bob Musical will be in your area!

A big Thank You to the State Theater for having us!

(Although this post was sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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