Top 5 Amazon Devices for Christmas

Last month I was invited to check out some of Amazon's newest devices that were being released just in time for the Holidays. I was super excited to check out all the new gadgets that I myself would be adding to my wish list. We own a few of the amazon devices already so its safe to say we are already fans of their products. We are a streaming family so that means we have the Fire TV Stick to stream live TV and all of our favorite streaming apps . We also have the Echo and the Fire 8 Kids Tablet. We have never had an issues with any of our devices and we use them daily. I wanted to share my top picks from the event that would make great Christmas gifts fro just about anyone in your family. All of these devices are affordable and a lot of them are actually on sale as well.

 Lets start with my new favorite device down below! 

Echo Show 

The Echo Show now comes in a couple of different sizes. We have the Echo Show 5 which is the perfect size for us. I have it on my night stand but it can work anywhere. The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5" smart display with the Alexa ready  to help built in. It can manage your calendar, reminders, your to-do list, get the current weather and traffic. Whats great about having the display screen is that you can watch cooking videos from YouTube, you can stream shows and movies, along with listening to audio books and music. Another cool feature is that you can video chat with family that have a compatible device or Skype. There are so many neat features that the list just goes on. I love that you can connect it with any of your Echo devices you may already have. It is definitely one of my recent favorites and I 100% recommend it to be added to your Christmas wish list.

At the event I was introduce to the all New Fire TV Cube and was absolutely in love with it. The all New Fire TV Cube is a hands FREE with Alexa built in. It has a 4K Ultra HD streaming media player. It is definitely one of the fastest, most powerful Fire TV.  You can litterally stand across the room and just ask Alexa to turn on the TV and play your show. Although it still comes with a remote you technically don't need to use it as you can control it all with your voice. Just like the Fire TV Stick it comes with tones of your favorite apps to stream from. Since my kids love to fight over the remote this would be great for me to just say Alexa shut the TV off. lol 

My son has the Fire HD 7 I believe. Its about 2 years old. This new one has some new features that I actually love. First the screen is bigger which is always a plus especially for little ones and watching movies etc. The next thing that I love about the new one is that you can manage your child's screen time by setting educational goals that unlock fun content. I also love that the parent can also control it through you phone on the app and see how long your child has been on specific apps and if they met their goals. If you have been following me for sometime then you know that I am all about managing my kids screen time so this is right up my ally. Another thing I love is that the new case on the tablet actually has a built in stand making it easier to stand on flat surfaces. 

Is a perfect new addition to the Kindle family. If your kid loves reading then this would be perfect for them and if your kid struggles with reading this will also be great for them as well. It includes tools like Vocabulary Builder which automatically create flashcards for words that your child looked up in the built in dictionary. This device is strictly for reading so there are no videos, games or ads on it making it Distraction Free!

Both the Tablet and Kindle come with a 1 year Free Time Unlimited access to apps or library of books. You can find all the information on the Amazon website under the specific device information. 

If  you had to choose any of the devices that I talked about in this post for your self I would choose the Echo Buds. Everyone needs a pair of these. I had the pleasure on testing them out during the event and was really impress. I do not have an fancy head phones or ear pods so when I tried this out I was really impress. These Echo Buds have Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and sealed in-ear design limits any background noise so you hear nothing but crisp sound. It is voice activated making it hands free using Alexa. No need to navigate from your phone all you need to do is ask Alexa and she will do the rest for you. What I love is that it also supports Siri and Google Assistant so its not limited at all. It has a long lasting battery and you just put them in the case to recharge. They were also very comfortable to wear. This will be a great gift for just about anyone. 

What are some of your favorite Amazon Devices?

 I hope you enjoyed and found this post helpful and informative.
 Happy Holiday Shopping!

A big Thank You to Amazon for inviting me to their event last month in NY. 
(Although I was gifted some items from Amazon for this post all opinion remain my own.) 

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