DIY Scrooge McDuck Halloween Costume

I usually start asking the boys what they want to be for Halloween towards the end of August.  I do it early so that I can get them early and not wait for the last minute. Well this year my oldest was set on being Scrooge McDuck from the cartoon series Duck Tales. I honestly thought he was joking but he was dead serious. I searched high and low and could not find anything in stores for this theme. I even tried to convince him to pick something else but he was not having it. So I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found the perfect costume that I can replicate. It was super easy to make and I think anyone can make it.

Family Fall Activities

Happy Fall you guys! I know that we are already into the second week of October but if I am being honest we have been sick on and off over here. I have been working on this post since last month and although I 'm a little late to getting it up I still wanted to share. I see that everyone has been enjoying all the fall activities and we have yet to do any of the things that are on our list. Here are a few things that we are hoping to do this fall season in the NJ/NY area.