Our Top Back-to-School Picks

School is finally back in session this week  for us here in NJ. I wanted to share some of our Back-to-School picks in case anyone was interested in some of these awesome finds.  If you follow me over on my Instagram then you know that we attended Kindergarten Orientation and this momma has all the feels so finding my little guy all the things that make him feel happy and excited was a must. Now we can't forget about my super cool 5th grader. (insert more tears here) My oldest was very involve in picking pretty much everything this year. I wanted him to feel cool and to let his personal style shine.
Back-to-School 2019 Picks

Oilogic is #1 on our list this year. Both boys are starting a new school where they both are the new students and have no friends. Clearly they are both nervous and a little anxious about starting school. To help them feel a little less nervous and anxious we have been using the Nervous & Anxious and the Attention & Focus. I did a whole post on this line of Oilogic that you can check out HERE. Trust me when I say you need to try these safe roll on oils for kids.

Pediped has been a brand that we have loved and used when the boys were babies. Recently I went to an event where I was able to learn more about the brand. They have expanded in their sizes from not just infant & toddlers but also for school age children. They have been so kind enough to send us some shoes for Ayden and let me tell you that he has been loving them. First thing he said when putting them on was that they were super comfy. Both boys have super flat feet and these have arch support and cushion for his growing feet. I'm loving all the new trendy styles they have for both boys and girls. You definitely need to check them out and add them to your list of shoes for the school year.
(Thank You Pediped for sending us these awesome shoes.)

Omie Box is the perfect Lunch Box for littles in my opinion. Both of my boys love hot lunches making it super challenging in packing their lunch boxes. My oldest has now mastered in opening his thermos but my little guy was having trouble with getting it open when we were practicing. So when I came across the Omie Box I knew that it was going to be perfect for him. The Omie Box is a hot and cold bento lunch box making it super versatile for lunches and easy for little hands to open with the handle on the thermos lid. I will be sharing a full review soon on how its been working out for us. (Thank you OmieLife for sending us this Omie Box.)

Jansport is a brand that has been around for years. I remember having a black Jansport backpack back in my school aged days and it literally lasted for years. My cool 5th grader wanted a backpack that was not only durable but stylish. So when I showed him the Jansport collection he was super excited to pick out a cool one for the new school year. Although they can be a little pricey we found that JCPenny had a great deal so we headed to the store and he picked out the perfect one. Jaycob went with the camo color style which was exactly what he wanted. We later found the perfect matching lunch box from Target.

Now that we have the must have essentials for school the boys can finally start off the year in style and comfort. We have so many more picks for Back-to-School but these were our top favorites. What are some of the things you and your kids are loving for the new school year? 

(Although this post was partially sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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