OmieLife Lunch Box Review + Hot Lunch Ideas

Now that we are a few weeks into the new school year I can finally give our honest review on the OmieBox from OmieLife.  I wanted to make sure that we had a good amount of time using it before really talking about it with you all. Now lets just say I am not new to the taking your own lunch game. As most of you that have been following me for a while  know that my oldest has food allergies so he has always taken his own lunch to school.  Not to mention that my oldest does not like cold lunches or sandwiches making it super hard to find things that worked for him. For years we have used a thermos and so my oldest has mastered in opening it and I have some what mastered what types of foods work for hot lunches in the thermos.

Birthday Getaway at The Kartrite Resort

A few weeks ago we celebrated Jay's 10th Birthday. I remember when I first started this blog he had just turned 3 years old. I decided to really just enjoy the moment with him and the family that I didn't even post on social media about his birthday.  I did post a few things on my Instagram Stories but that's about it.  Now that it has been a few weeks I did want to share what we did for the BIG 10!!! For the last 3 years we stopped doing big parties with him and just cut a cake with immediate family and then we go away for a few days. This year we decided to take a road trip up to the Catskills in NY.  There had been so much talk about the newest indoor waterpark called the Kartrite Resort and so we wanted to check it out for ourselves. We booked 2 nights and spent his actual birthday at the resort.

Our Top Back-to-School Picks

School is finally back in session this week  for us here in NJ. I wanted to share some of our Back-to-School picks in case anyone was interested in some of these awesome finds.  If you follow me over on my Instagram then you know that we attended Kindergarten Orientation and this momma has all the feels so finding my little guy all the things that make him feel happy and excited was a must. Now we can't forget about my super cool 5th grader. (insert more tears here) My oldest was very involve in picking pretty much everything this year. I wanted him to feel cool and to let his personal style shine.