Ruffle Bathing Suit + Body Positivity

Its Summer Time and that means its bathing suit season. Like most women I dread this time of year. It doesn't matter if I have been watching my figure aka dieting or working out I always just dread having to think about wearing a swim suit. I will say it flat out I am always going to be my worse critique and there is always something that I do not like about my body. I have come to terms with it and like I said it does not matter if I am in the best shape ever I still find something that I do not like. I know that some of you can relate to this.

I'm learning to try to be more confident in my own skin and in the things I do. Trying to not compare your self with others especially on Instagram is extremely hard. So when I see people and these super cute bathing suits I always say oh that would look ridiculous on me and I just won't even bother trying it on. I know that sounds crazy but its the honest truth. Well this year I have been eyeing these super cute ruffled bathing suits and wondering how would they look on my body type. My concerns when bathing suit shopping are my chest and my midsection. I need support and tummy control. When I came across some of the swimsuits I notice that some of the materials were to thin and lacking the firmness and support that I need. Finally I found one on the Target website and after going back and fourth for a few hours I finally ordered it. Taking a few days to arrive at the store I finally received the email for pickup and I have to say I was nervous and I guess its because I didn't want to be disappointed. I just really wanted to feel amazing in this suit. 

I tried on the suit and sure enough I started making excuses about what I thought were problem areas. I know I sound crazy but yes that's exactly what I did. My husband said it looked great but he wasn't a fan of the ruffles and I on the other hand love the ruffles. I took off the swimsuit and started looking online for other options. The next day I decided to try it on again and I loved it. I actually do feel great in it. My chest is not spilling out and my midsection is sucked in. I took mirror selfies just to see what I looked like in pictures and I have to say that the problem was not the suit the problem was ME! Thinking about what others would see and say had me already thinking the negative about myself. Nit picking on every little thing doesn't make it any easier.  I'm learning to dress my body for my body type and what works for me. The ruffles were definitely out of my comfort zone because I thought it would actually make my chest look bigger then what it already is and that's not the case with this suit. I wore the suit to the beach and I didn't wear shorts or a cover up while relaxing on the beach with my family. I felt great and confident.

Another blogger told me this the other day......

You have to start by not caring what other people think....Once you get passed that, Self Love & Confidence come in with a FORCE"  - 

That couldn't be anymore true. So if your someone like me and your struggling with the idea of wearing a bathing suit or not sure if a particular one would look great on you I would say just take the leap and try the suit on. You are going to find the perfect suit for you and when you do make sure to Rock it with Confidence. I have a ways to go with confidence but I am slowly getting there.

It looks like my bathing suit is out of stock so I rounded up a few that are similar with the built in tummy control and at affordable prices.

Bathing Suit I'm Wearing

One Shoulder Ruffle With Strap

Ruffle Bathing Suit

One Shoulder Ruffle

I hope that you can all enjoy your summer looking 
fabulous in your bathing suits with confidence!

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