Hippo-Sized Fun at The Adventure Aquarium in NJ

Have you ever seen a Hippo up close? Last week we were invited to come check out the Hippo Festival at the Adventure Aquarium here in NJ where we met Button & Genny. I have never seen a Hippo up close before so it was super cool to see not only one but two of them. We learned about each of the hippos and their journey to the Adventure Aquarium. The kids participated by placing some fun facts on a time line as the animal experts were telling us all about Button & Genny's life journey. We learned so much about them from the animal experts that it left us wanting to learn more.
 The boys were so interested in knowing all about Button & Genny that they were not shy at all when it came to asking the experts their questions.

Jaycob & Ayden's Questions

Q: How long can a Hippo stay under water? 

A: A Hippo can stay under water for about 30 minutes without coming up for air. They can also sleep under water for that time. 

Q: Can Hippos swim?

A: No, Hippos do not know how to swim they bounce around in the water.

We also learned that hippos are born weighing 100 lbs. Holy molly that's pretty big. The kids also asked how we could tell the difference between Button & Genny. As per the animal experts one of the hippos is about 1,000 lbs bigger then the other and one also has a bent tale. If your in the NJ area and have been to the aquarium please leave your answer below on who's who and if you haven't visited yet then you need to make your way there. The Hippo-Sized Summer Fun has so many fun activities. There is face painting, cookie decorating, making hippo headbands and so much more.

The kids also loved walking through the shark tunnel and walking the shark bridge. Jaycob loved the sting ray and star fish hands on exhibits. Ayden was not trying to touch them but he enjoyed looking at them. There really is so much to see and do. We watched a 3D show and even went outdoors to see the penguins and play in Penguin Park.

We had such an amazing time at the Adventure Aquarium and was so surprise on the amount of activities and exhibits to see and do. I especially loved that we went early in the morning making it even more enjoyable with out it being crowded. You can catch all the Hippo-Sized Summer Fun & Festival from June 21st - July 21. Because I  have partnered up with Adventure Aquarium for this post they were so kind to give me a discount code for all of you to use on your visit to Adventure Aquarium! I hope you all get to use it and enjoy your time!

Adventure Aquarium Discount Code

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