Why you should go see the show "BE MORE CHILL" The Broadway Musical

I was recently invited to see the show "BE MORE CHILL" The Broadway Musical. I knew nothing of this particular show until I received the invitation. After doing some research I learned that the show was originally based on a novel by Ned Vizzini and later turned into a musical by Joe Tracz & Joe Iconis. The musical was first seen on the small stages in Red Bank, NJ and it later made its premier Off Broadway and now on Broadway.

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So I'm sure your wondering well what is this amazing show about. "BE MORE CHILL" is about a junior high school boy named Jeremy Heere.  Jeremy is a not so cool nerdy teen at Middleborough High School in NJ who is seeking to be cool and to simply fit in with his peers. Struggling with his fathers recent divorce, being an outcast and wanting to profess his love to his long time crush Christine, Jeremy turns to one of the cool kids named Rich for helping on becoming cool. Rich who can sometimes be a bully tells Jeremy all about "The Squip" which is a tiny pill that has to be taken with Mountain Dew in order for it to activate. The Squip contains a computer that implants itself inside the user's brain and tells the user what to do and say.  Jeremy and his best friend Michael head to Menlo Park Mall to purchase a Squip from a worker at Payless ShoeSource. Watching this scene made me laugh as I am a frequent shopper at Menlo Park Mall and it just happens that Payless ShoeSource is no longer there. lol

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This musical is not only hysterical but a conversational starter for parents and teens. The high school years for a teen can be super hard and this musical covered pretty much what teens experience. 
Trying to figure where you belong, if your cool enough, sex & drugs, dealing with home issues along with social media and bullying the list goes on. They touch on these topics in a way that makes it not only realistic but eye opening on how teens feel and deal with these issues.

The cast was amazing. I loved each character and the dynamic they brought to the show. Their voices, the costumes, the set and lighting it was just all so amazing. The orchestra did an amazing job and it took me all up till the end of the show to figure out where they were. I have never seen a show where I can honestly put myself in as a character and relate to the story line. We have all dealt with one of the issues they talk about in the show making it so realistic and I love that about it. This is why I completely recommend you check it out especially if you have teens. It really is an AWESOME Show. Sad to say that at the end of the show Joe Iconis came up on stage and announced that the show will be taking its final bow on AUGUST 11th. I was really shocked of the news because it was so GOOD. So definitely go check out "BE MORE CHILL" you won't be disappointed.  You can grab your tickets HERE!!! 

Have you seen "BE MORE CHILL" The Broadway Musical? If so what were your thoughts and intake on the show? I would love to know so please share your comment down below!!

As always thank you for reading and for your support! 

(Although I was invited to see the Broadway Musical "BE MORE CHILL" all opinions remain my own.)

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