Ayden's Jurassic World Birthday

I can't believe that I am even writing this post. Ayden turned 5 this past Monday and I just still can't believe it. My baby is no longer a baby but a Big Boy.  Now if you follow me on social media then you know that my Ayden is still dinosaur obsessed. This will be the second dinosaur themed party I have done for him. You can check out his 3rd Birthday Dino-Mite Party Here! This time around he wanted a Jurassic World party but he wanted it to be base off of his favorite dinosaur from the movie Blue.So of course I went to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted to keep everything super simple because we were having his party at Pump It Up and so I needed easy set up and budget friendly decorations. 

Back Drop

The backdrop was one of my favorite parts of our decor. It was the Jurassic World Logo and I added my sons name on it. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the letter A was covered by the bottom leaf but other then that I absolutely loved it and so did my son.  It was super inexpensive to make. I got the inspiration from a friend who was also kind enough to send me the logo.  I used Canva to add the name and then I placed my order online through Staples. I ordered it on color engineering paper print and I ordered it in the size 24 x 36. It was about $4.00 and I picked it up the next day in store. I cut the sign out and then glued it on to a foam poster board from the Dollar Tree. I then 
used the leaves for that extra effect. You can purchase the leaves on amazon HERE for under $15. I borrowed the leaves from a friend so I didn't have to purchase them.

Goodie Bags

When purchasing things for the goodie bag and I knew that I didn't want to go over board with filling it. Sometimes my kids get goodie bags with either a bunch of candy they don't eat or cheap little bag fillers that end up in the garbage. So when I saw these Jurassic world water bottles in Party City I knew I had to have them. They were $1.99 and so perfect because they had Blue on them plus who dosen't need new water bottles for the summer. Click HERE for water bottles.  I also picked up a Jurassic World mini puzzle set from Party City as well and those were $1.50. You can find those Here. The last thing I added in the goodie bags was Jurassic World fruit snacks and you can find those in your supermarket. I found them in our local Shop Rite. 

I Picked up a pack of the brown goodie bags from Target. I found the logo I wanted on google so I saved it then printed it out. Cut the logo to your desire and glue it to the bag. The Thank You tags were made on Canva and then I printed them and attached them to the bag. Simple and cute. 

Center Pieces

For the center pieces I seriously kept it super simple. I used these metal flower pots from ikea that I have used a few times for different parties. You can find them HERE for $1.99. I then found the number 5 balloon at the Target Dollar Spot for $1 and I added some leaves and a logo and viola!! 
I aslo found these cute dinosaur hats at the Dollar Tree so I picked up a few and put them on the tables for the kids to grab and wear. 


The cake was especially made by my sister and she did amazing with it. It tasted so good and the look was exactly what I wanted. I ordered the decal from an etsy shop and added Blue on top of the cake. She also made some cupcakes as well and so I made the cupcake picks to put on them. Super simple and perfect for the theme. 

Ayden loved how everything turned out and he said it looked like Jurassic World. He had so much fun celebrating with friends and family. Its probably one of his favorite birthdays because he was totally excited for it. He's at the age that he will remember it completely which makes it even better.  I on the other hand wanted to cry because I just can't believe he's now 5. Time truly does fly. I had so much fun with this theme and love how it all turned out even with the little mishaps. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in planning your very own Jurassic World themed party. If you have any questions please leave me a message and I'll be sure to answer them. Do you love planning birthdays for your kids as much as I do?

Thanks for Reading!!


  1. So you have wifi only?? If so Who is your internet carrier??

    Love Ayden's party!!!!

    1. Yes I only have Wifi. We use Verizon at the moment. Glad you liked his party. Thanks!