Cutting The Cord With Cable

Six months ago we decided that we no longer wanted to pay our ridiculous cable bill. We have tried basically all the cable companies that were offered in our area once our prior contracts were done. Cable companies will offer you a sweet deal as a NEW CUSTOMER but in between that sweet deal comes additional charges. Our last cable company we had we thought was the lowest deal for the basic package until 12 months pass and then for the additional remaining 12 months our package had went up to regular price. There honestly is not one cable company that you can say is affordable. They claim to give you the next cheapest deal as a value customer but in reality its not, especially when you add all the crazy taxes and rental charges for the boxes etc.
We literally went cold turkey. We didn't test anything out before making the decision. We woke up and said today is the day that we canceled the cable and its probably the best decision we did. Once we cut the cable we then signed up for our free trial to different apps such as Sling TV & Hulu and used our fire stick to access these apps on our main TV in the living room.. We already had Netflix which is the kids favorite. Along with trying out those apps to see what would be cost efficient and best for our family we purchase an Antenna (under $20) to test and see what free local channels we can receive in our area. I was amazed that we got every local channel plus more and with great picture and color quality. CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MY 9, CW & More just to name a few. This was a game changer for us as all of the shows we enjoy watching are on these channels.

We are still trying to see what works as we notice that the prices are increasing on some of our recent favorite apps for streaming. We notice that we have been saving a little over $100 a month since cutting our cable. We also upgraded our bedroom TV to a Smart TV that we purchased from Walmart that came with the Roku built in giving us more access to shows and movies for FREE. Our boys have a Smart TV as well so when we made the decision of cutting cable they really didn't see the difference as they were already Streamers and barely watched any of the kids channels that cable had to offer.

So many of us all ready have devices to stream on like the Apple TV, Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast etc. So why pay for cable plus all these apps. Makes no sense to add more fees to your existing bill. And yes you need internet service in order to stream but you can actually get a very affordable plan + Sling or Hulu and it would still be way cheaper then what cable companies are offering you.  I love that you can pause your subscriptions and make changes when ever you want. There's no additional hidden fees and taxes added to your bill which is the best part. My bill is exactly the same every month.

Would I ever get into another Cable Contract again probably NOT. We have been happy the way we watch TV now that we are not missing it at all. It was a little bit of an adjustment but there are definitely cheaper ways to still enjoy all the shows without the hefty price tags.

Do you Stream TV or do you use a Cable Company? 

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