Top 4 NJ Farms for Strawberry Picking + Fun Activities

Strawberry Season is here and we are all for it. We recently went strawberry picking at Terhune Orchards with some friends and had such a good time. It was our first time picking our own strawberries and it certainly will not be our last. The kids really enjoyed picking their own strawberries and had so many questions on how foods are grown and why do they only grow certain times of the year etc. I love that hey were interested and eager to learn about the growing process of our food.

Cutting The Cord With Cable

Six months ago we decided that we no longer wanted to pay our ridiculous cable bill. We have tried basically all the cable companies that were offered in our area once our prior contracts were done. Cable companies will offer you a sweet deal as a NEW CUSTOMER but in between that sweet deal comes additional charges. Our last cable company we had we thought was the lowest deal for the basic package until 12 months pass and then for the additional remaining 12 months our package had went up to regular price. There honestly is not one cable company that you can say is affordable. They claim to give you the next cheapest deal as a value customer but in reality its not, especially when you add all the crazy taxes and rental charges for the boxes etc.

JORD Watches Make The Perfect Gift + Giveaway

With Father's Day approaching I always seem to be a last minute shopper.  I'm pretty sure it's because I always have such a hard time choosing a gift or just have no clue what to get the special people in my life. Please tell me that you can relate!?! That's why JORD Watches is the perfect solution. If you haven't heard about JORD Watches then let me tell you a little about this amazing company.

Our Road Trip To Washington, DC

I can't believe it's been a week since our road trip to Washington, DC. It's crazy how you plan something months in advance and do the research on what to do and where to stay and poof its done in a blink of an eye. We had such a blast and what made it so much more exciting was doing it with some friends and their kiddies. I wanted to share everything we did in hopes to help you with your trip to Washington, DC.  We are from NJ so the ride wasn't too long for us. It was about 3 1/2 hours give or take the time of day you go. The traffic wasn't to bad going down but to come back home that was a whole different story and it was mostly due to lane closures. Check out all the details below on our trip! I also have a Washington, DC highlight in my Instagram Stories for those of you who may be interested. This is probably my longest post yet so grab a snack and enjoy. 😉