#SelfCare & P2 Volume Gloss

One of my personal favorite things to do for #SelfCare is to paint my nails. I don't really go to the nail salons anymore and it could just be that I don't make the time to go, the smell, and the cost. So I actually don't mind doing my own since I'm super basic and not to fancy with tips or acrylics. I have used tons of different brands but some can be a little pricey at times. For the past few months I have been loving the P2 Volume Gloss gel like nail polish. What I love about the polish is that one its affordable and two it looks like a professional gel mani. Well at least that's what I think.

Whenever I wear any of the colors from this brand I get tons of compliments. I want to say it last for about a week with out reapplying the top coat but if I apply the top coat a few days after it will last a lot longer. It could be that I am always washing my hands and cleaning because when I use the polish on my toes they can last for a month with out chipping or looking dingy. I also love that the drying time is pretty quick.

You can find the polish exclusively at your local Walmart for about $2.94 a bottle or on their website P2 Volume Gloss They have so many beautiful colors to chose from that you won't be disappointed. My favorite color from the line is White Liar I'm almost done with the bottle and will be purchasing another one very soon. Its such a perfect neutral pink per and it always seems to sell out pretty fast. 
(insert crying emoji here) 

Do you guys like giving your self mani & pedis at home? I love catching up on my shows while giving myself one especially when everyone is in bed. It's the perfect #SelfCare and quiet time. What are your favorite things to do for #SelfCare?!?

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