Do You Grocery Shop Online?

Shopping online is definitely the new norm. Some people will say that its being lazy but I say its actually being smart and beneficial depending on whats it's for. I will say that I do shop both in store and online for most things. When it comes to clothes and items that may not be in store I don't mind waiting to receive it through the mail. Not to mention I feel that online has the best sales depending the store. Now lets talk about Grocery Shopping Online! I have been doing this on and off for the past 5 years. I will be honest I absolutely hate grocery shopping. Some say its therapeutic for them and when going super earlier in the morning its calming and enjoyable. I have yet to feel the same way. I'm not sure what it is about grocery shopping but I don't enjoy it. So when grocery shopping online became a thing a few years ago people thought I was crazy for not doing it myself. Yes I am a stay at home mom and blah blah blah. I still hate it!!! lol

Let me break it down to you. The thought of doing my groceries online is a dream. I simply log in from either my phone or desk top the night before I want my groceries and I fill my cart with all my items. I can either search for the specific item through the search bar, use the categories given or I simply go into my last purchases and choose the items and quantities right from there making it even easier. Once I'm done with my shopping I select the time slot for pick up and I always choose pay in store. I click on place my order and receive a conformation number and then I'm done.

Now yes there is a fee for having a personal shopper to do your groceries. Example my last order was $56.73 and the fee was $4.99. It just depends on how big your order is and the store. Now some of you will say but why would you want to pay the fee for someone else to shop for you?!? Well my friends because like I said I hate food shopping but that is not the only reason. It saves me time from being at the grocery store and I don't over spend on junk. Its easy to go to the store especially if you have your kids with you and just purchasing a bunch of junk. It happens people and I can see the eye rolls and well you should have more control and blah blah blah. Guess what we are human and it happens especially if you have a kid that may have a melt down because they want something particular. And if you are that mom then you need to get on the Grocery Shopping Online.

I have never had an issue with my produce or meat being picked out by anyone. When I order from the deli there is a section for specific notes to add to your order. Its super simple and lets them know what you want exactly. I also double check my items before paying just in case I want to exchange something that may not look great but like I said I have always been happy with all of my orders. 
I love that I can place my order and pick up without having to rush and forget anything. I can add more time to other important things in my day like work, spending time with the kids or now that soccer season is in full swing my schedule is crazy with practices and games. One less thing for me to worry about. 

How do you shop? Is Grocery Shopping Online your thing?!? Please share with me I would love to know how you guys fit it into your busy schedules because no matter if your a working mom, stay at home mom or work from home mom we all have crazy schedules! 

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