Sparking Joy in My Home

About two month ago I watched the series on Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I literally only watched 3 episodes and then decided that I needed to declutter and basically get rid of everything that does not spark joy. Her method makes sense but not sure if I would actually thank my stuff. (Enter Laughing Emoji Here) Seriously I think that's just a bit much for me. I did like that instead of tackling one room at a time that she would do certain areas like all the closets or everything paper. So gathering all the paper in your home and putting it in a pile to go through makes sense. I can start in one room and easily get distracted to where I never really finish the room. I have to say that I have been getting better since I have started with the Spark Joy system as I like to call it.

When I decided that I needed to start tackling some of my most neglected areas I knew that I would also need to pick up a few things to be more organized. My favorite places to get everything I need to organize my home are Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target. These are definitely my go to stores to find everything I need to get my home in order.

I started in the areas that needed the most organizing and definitely most neglected which was my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Boy oh boy was I surprised at the amount of things I pulled out of my cabinets. First off I don't have to much cabinet space in my apartment but apparently I managed to shove so much crap in them especially kids plastic cups. Lord help me I had a ton from probably every party we have ever went to and then of course there was my never ending mug collection. I mean the list goes on and on but you get the drift. I parted ways with a lot of the stuff and even now I feel I can probably still get rid of more. Baby steps people Baby steps! lol  Any who I purchased a few new baskets and I also picked up an Expandable Storage Shelf to add extra shelving. I also picked up a few rolls of Contact Paper to spruce up my bottom cabinets in the kitchen and in my tiny linen closet in my bathroom.

Although I feel like it took me forever with just cleaning out the cabinets in two different spaces I have to say I absolutely love how organized and clean it looks now. Everything has its place and it just looks so much nicer and clutter free. Now to start on to the next area in my home.

Have you guys been Spring Cleaning or Sparking Joy? What do you think of the Marie Kondo method & do you find it helpful?

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