Picasso Tiles Racing Track + Review

We recently partnered up with Picasso Tiles to bring you an awesome review on their new Racing Track Set. Picasso Tiles are magnetic shaped tiles that are Non Toxic, BPA Free and Lead Safe for children. They are colorful transparent tiles that can make 3D works of art. Picasso Tiles definitely bring out children's imagination and creativity for hours of play. Before receiving our box from Picasso Tiles my boys have never played with or own any magnetic tiles so we were super excited to receive our first box and start building. 

Our box contained 50 pieces. Enough pieces to build a race track with ramps and traffic signs. It came with two cars which was perfect because each of the boys got their own car so there was no fighting. The cars are battery operated but did not include any batteries. They each light up and race around the track once you placed them in the groove section on the track. This groove keeps the cars from falling off the track and makes it easy for them to make turns.

I honestly didn't know if the kids would really enjoy these so when they first opened the Picasso Tiles box and started building I was super surprised at how well they did together. They literally played for about two hours. The boys found that the tiles were super easy to connect with one another and were really sturdy while the cars raced around the track. They absolutely loved the Picasso Tiles Racing Track Set and they already are asking me to order more so they can add buildings around their race track.

I know these are going to be a hit in our home for a very long time which means hours of playtime. You can also purchase your very own Picasso Tiles Racing Track Set HERE along with tons of other sets. 

Thank You Picasso Tiles!

(Although this Post was Sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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