Inexpensive Easter Wreath

I love everything and anything that has to do with home decor but when you live in an apartment you have to kind of be cautious in what you purchase and have. You can definitely over accumulate and then have no where to store these items especially seasonal and holiday decor.  I have been wanting a pretty floral Spring / Easter wreath but if I'm being honest no one really sees it. So to purchase a beautiful expensive wreath does not make sense at the moment. What does make sense is staying on budget and doing a DIY  Wreath.

Since I love budget friendly items and DIY's I went to the Dollar Tree to purchase everything I needed. My total for the Wreath was $4. I feel like I probably could of added more to it but just didn't want to spend to much on this little project. 

|What You Need|

Large Easter Eggs
Small Easter Eggs
Green Garland
Glue Gun

|3 Easy Steps|

1. Lay everything out and start placing them where you want them on the wreath before making it permanent.

2. Start hot gluing everything down. make sure to hold gently for a few seconds before moving on to the next item your gluing. 

3. Once your done gluing everything on your wreath if you need to add ribbon or anything else you may do so to your liking. Other then that its all done and ready to hang! 

My Wreath is not perfect but it totally works and does the job. This is something that you can have your little ones help you out with. My little guy loves arts & crafts and he especially loves helping me out me out. I'm no expert so if I can do this so can anyone else. I hope that this inspires you to make your own Spring or Easter Wreath.  Happy Crafting!!

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