Inexpensive Easter Wreath

I love everything and anything that has to do with home decor but when you live in an apartment you have to kind of be cautious in what you purchase and have. You can definitely over accumulate and then have no where to store these items especially seasonal and holiday decor.  I have been wanting a pretty floral Spring / Easter wreath but if I'm being honest no one really sees it. So to purchase a beautiful expensive wreath does not make sense at the moment. What does make sense is staying on budget and doing a DIY  Wreath.

Sparking Joy in My Home

About two month ago I watched the series on Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I literally only watched 3 episodes and then decided that I needed to declutter and basically get rid of everything that does not spark joy. Her method makes sense but not sure if I would actually thank my stuff. (Enter Laughing Emoji Here) Seriously I think that's just a bit much for me. I did like that instead of tackling one room at a time that she would do certain areas like all the closets or everything paper. So gathering all the paper in your home and putting it in a pile to go through makes sense. I can start in one room and easily get distracted to where I never really finish the room. I have to say that I have been getting better since I have started with the Spark Joy system as I like to call it.

Picasso Tiles Racing Track + Review

We recently partnered up with Picasso Tiles to bring you an awesome review on their new Racing Track Set. Picasso Tiles are magnetic shaped tiles that are Non Toxic, BPA Free and Lead Safe for children. They are colorful transparent tiles that can make 3D works of art. Picasso Tiles definitely bring out children's imagination and creativity for hours of play. Before receiving our box from Picasso Tiles my boys have never played with or own any magnetic tiles so we were super excited to receive our first box and start building. 

The Circus is Coming to Edison, NJ + Giveaway

The Garden Bros Circus is coming to Edison, NJ and we can not be more excited. Last year I tried to get tickets for the kids but by the time we found it about the circus it was already to late as it was SOLD OUT! So the kids were a tad disappointed. So this year I mad sure to do some early research to see when they will be in town and when the tickets would officially be on sale so I can share with you all who didn't get to go last year as well.