My Favorite WW Snack & Update

Happy Friday!! Friday's are officially Weight Watchers Fridays here on the blog. My last WW post I said I would give updates on weight lost, my journey with WW and also share some favorite snacks and recipes. The first two weeks were a little bit of a struggle I must say but I am on the right track. I shared my weigh in day on Instagram last week. I was down .6 which brought me down from 143.4 to 142.8. I was happy to have gone down and was super strict this week with my choices and habits. I went in for my weigh in yesterday and was a little skeptical because I had just gotten my Menstrual so I knew I was going to probably be up even though I was so committed this week. Well I was right and I was up .4 and weighed in at 143.2. Hopefully next week I will see more progress.

Now because I love to snack on everything that is probably unhealthy I was trying to figure out what healthy snacks besides fruits which are mostly 0 pts can I have. So I decided to make what I would have as a lunch as a snack. Tuna and tomatoes with a little salt and pepper is probably one of my most repeated meals whether its in a wrap or on a bagel thin. This time around I had it with some Sea Salt Pita crackers. It has the crunch I was looking for and was super filling. 

What I used:

Tuna in water = 0pts
1 Tomato = 0pts
Pinch of Salt & Pepper
6 Sea Salt Crackers = 2pts

Its super easy to prep and so yummy. Even if your not on this program this is a great snack to have versus something that is not so healthy for you. 

If anyone is on the program please share with me your favorite low pt snacks in the comments below. I will love to see what your favorites are. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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