Getting Dressed for Me

I have been wanting to post this but didn't know how or if I should. It's no surprise that like many other women I struggle with weight, self esteem and just being comfortable in my own skin. A year ago I started my WW journey and I had reached my goal weight but like many I had gained a few pounds back and had recently started my journey with WW again. Although I didn't gain that much I wanted to get myself back on track and feeling amazing.

 Before becoming a SAHM I worked as an Ultrasound Technician and wore scrubs 24/7. So my wardrobe was nothing exciting and because of the long hours I literally lived in my scrubs and then comfy cloths on the weekend. Then came motherhood and the famous black leggings. At first I would dress them up but then they became a daily piece of clothing. I woke up and told myself that although I am a SAHM that didn't mean that I had to let myself go or not care about my appearance. I started tweaking my daily style and started getting dressed for my self. Doing my hair and having a simple make up routine did wonders for ME! I felt great about myself and that was the main goal to feel good for ME.

People will always have an opinion or something snarky to say about you. As long as you are feeling good and confident that is all that matters. When ever I pick my son up from school the other moms always have something to say about my outfit. Sometimes I think that they are just complimenting me and like my style and other times I feel as maybe they are laughing at me. Crazy right. I say hi and have small talk but that's about it. I'm not wearing anything glamorous I have just been owning it and walking with confidence and if that has the other moms talking and complimenting me then bravo.

 I get a lot of my inspiration and looks from  my favorite fashion bloggers and instagramers as I mention in one of my latest blog post.  I love their style and love how put together they always look.  As always I may tweak to what will look right with my body style but for the most part love all they have to share. Don't get me wrong I still have my leggings days but I just make myself look a little more fashionable and put together and not like I just rolled out of bed. So getting dressed, looking good and feeling great is all for ME!

If you struggle with this your not alone. Find simple make up routines and outfits that are comfortable but look put together.  You don't have to wear heels to look great. There are so many fashionable sneakers at affordable prices. Its just a matter of finding your style and sticking to it.

 Do it for YOU because you deserve to feel and look AMAZING!

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