5 Things to Do With Kids During The Winter Months

Winter does not seem to be leaving us just yet here on the East Coast so that makes it challenging to actually enjoy the out doors with the kids. Keeping the kids busy during the winter months can be hard sometimes because you start running out of ideas on what to do with them to keep them busy. Not to mention  keeping your sanity so you don't lose your shit which I am definitely guilty of  #MOMLIFE and #REALLIFE.  In this post I wanted to share some of our favorite things to do with the kids during these Winter days.

Getting Dressed for Me

I have been wanting to post this but didn't know how or if I should. It's no surprise that like many other women I struggle with weight, self esteem and just being comfortable in my own skin. A year ago I started my WW journey and I had reached my goal weight but like many I had gained a few pounds back and had recently started my journey with WW again. Although I didn't gain that much I wanted to get myself back on track and feeling amazing.

My Favorite WW Snack & Update

Happy Friday!! Friday's are officially Weight Watchers Fridays here on the blog. My last WW post I said I would give updates on weight lost, my journey with WW and also share some favorite snacks and recipes. The first two weeks were a little bit of a struggle I must say but I am on the right track. I shared my weigh in day on Instagram last week. I was down .6 which brought me down from 143.4 to 142.8. I was happy to have gone down and was super strict this week with my choices and habits. I went in for my weigh in yesterday and was a little skeptical because I had just gotten my Menstrual so I knew I was going to probably be up even though I was so committed this week. Well I was right and I was up .4 and weighed in at 143.2. Hopefully next week I will see more progress.

Starting Weight Watchers Again

I started Weight Watchers back in October of 2017. I had joined the program for 3 months and was super dedicated. I admit it was hard in the beginning for me but I adjusted rather quickly.  I want to say I was at my heaviest I had ever been and was completely uncomfortable with my body. Being at 154 pounds which was my pregnancy weight for both my boys was insane to me. My goal was to lose 20 pounds and by January I did just that. I was down to 134 and was feeling amazing and comfortable. I then decided to cancel my membership because I thought I was able to keep it off.