Starting a Blog

Recently I have been getting so many questions on how blogging works and how can one go about starting a blog. So I figured I would do a post so I can redirect everyone who asks me to this post. I just figured it would make it easier since there has been so many people interested in knowing more about the blogging world lately. By all means I am no expert. Which is why when people ask me I automatically tell them I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I sometimes have no clue what I'm doing and I'm still trying to figure out the business aspect of it all. So if anyone wants to mentor me or give me any pointers please hit me up because I can use all the tips and help I can get. So with that being said I am going to share what I did to get started in this post.

 Your Niche

Choosing what you want to talk about and what your main focus for your blog is important. Whether you want to talk about one or many topics such as motherhood, fashion & beauty, travel, food, your faith, crafting, lifestyle or even being an advocate for a specific topic its all up to you and what sparks your passion. For me I started out only talking about Food Allergies but there was so much more that I enjoyed sharing so I decided that I wanted to share it all and have my main focus as a Family & Lifestyle Blog.

Blog Domain Name

It is important to choose a name that reflects on you and what your blog will be. I have changed my name a few times before this one had really stuck to me. Don't worry sometimes we choose names and may grow out of them in the years to come or it just may not fit your style anymore. You can definitely re-brand if that is the case.

Choosing a Blog Website

There are a couple of different sites where you can start your blog. I honestly chose to use the free blog website through Google Blogger. When I first signed up I really had no clue about the different options. As I learn more about blogging and what will work as I grow then maybe I will change over to a self hosting blog until then I have no issues with what I am using at the moment but its all up to you.

Blog Template & Logo

Blogger & Word Press usually offer some templates but if you want your site to stand out you can definitely purchase a template and logo that best fits your style and blog. I purchased my latest template and logo from Etsy for under $10. It was super easy to purchase and comes with installing instructions. Also if you have any trouble with the installation the seller will gladly help you out and install for you. I also chose a template that had 3 different looks so if I wanted to change my layout in the next few months I can with out purchasing a new one. So I purchased one template with 3 styles for the price of one.

Social Media

Social Media is key to driving traffic to your blog. Your basically going to use all these platforms to market yourself and your business (Your Blog).  Its a way to connect with others in your niche and to engage with your audience in what your posting.

Blog Post 

When writing your post just always try to be truthful to who you are. Being authentic will make you more relate able to your audience. I am not a writer so I definitely write how I speak. I don't use fancy and intellectual words because that's not me in real life. Also keeping your post to a certain amount of characters is key as well. I know that I don't like reading super long post so I tend to just skim quickly if I see the post drag out I click away so I try to remember that in doing my own post. . I like to kinda get straight to the point of what I am talking about and add images to go along with the post. You want your audience to keep coming back.

Like I said I'm not an expert but these are the few things I learned myself when starting my blog. I hope this helps some of you in getting started. I also have done research and checked out other bloggers that have post with tips on blogging. Pinterest has a ton of articles and post on starting a blog as well. Like anything else research is key and being consistent with it all. If you have any tips to add please drop them down in the comments below!

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