Fashion Bloggers I Love to Follow

If your anything like me then you probably follow a bunch of Fashion Bloggers or Beauty Influencers on Instagram or even their blogs. I love following two different types of Fashion Bloggers. I love to follow the ones that are super daring and on the latest fashion trend. Those are the girls that can wear a pair of metallic boots with an outfit that is so out of my comfort zone yet can take an amazing staged picture to try to get me to by that exact outfit. But then I have to realize that I am not as daring and probably wouldn't wear those boots to school drop off or to the grocery store. Those types of bloggers are the ones that I like to admire on the gram.
 A pretty picture to look at and click on the heart button but not the ones that can get me to run to the website to make that purchase. Then there are the fashion bloggers that inspire me to get out of my mom leggings and throw on a pair of jeans instead. Those bloggers are the ones that shop at most of the same stores I do. They share some trendy pieces yet pair them with everyday wear in mind. They always look so well put together and on trend. They are the ones that have me searching my closet for similar pieces or having me click on those websites to purchase their looks. I'm a very basic person when it comes to fashion but I love to be put together. Because I am a stay at home mom I don't want to always wear leggings because wearing an outfit and some make up can definitely make you feel good. Don't get me wrong we all have those leggings and bun days and there is nothing wrong with that but these ladies that I follow make their outfits look so effortless and so I can mimic these looks and feel amazing.

 Here are my TOP Fashion Bloggers & Instagramers that I love to follow!

 Vil is a latina stay at home of of 2. She shares her style on her Instagram vil_caliz. She shares affordable fashions on her Instagram stories. She also shares lifestyle and home decor on her feed. Her style is one of my favorites because its simple yet trendy. If you dm her on any questions about items she will get back to you. Shes super sweet!

Jill is also a stay at home mom of two tweens. She is a full time blogger and not only shares her style and life on Instagram at jillgg but also shares each fashion detail on her blog called Good Life for Less.  She has such a classic taste for fashion. She loves to share high end pieces along with affordable pieces. She will also inform you on some amazing deals and sales on those high end pieces as well. I also love when she shares post on tween styles as well. 

Michele is a mom of 3 and is also a stay at home mom. I have been following her for about two years now. Her style is classic and trendy. She also loves to share high end pieces and affordable pieces as well. She not only shares on Instagram at Michelebell21 but also shares on her blog Michele1218 and You Tube channel Michele1218. She is also an accessories lover and so its no surprise that she is a Stella & Dot consultant. I always love all the pieces that she wears and makes me want to buy it all. There's so much more to her but you will have to go check her story out.

Kira is a Canadian momma of 2. I love her love for plaids and layering. She's always rocking out a pair of trendy prescription glasses to go with her style. She also shares affordable with high end pieces and keeps you in the loop for the sales. Shes not afraid of mixing patterns and color. I love how effortless and put together she always looks. And she loves her a good mom bun. She also shares home decor  and has the best snow pictures on her Instagram northern_style . You can also find more of her on her blog Northern Style Exposure. 

These are just some of my top favorites that I can relate to in the sense of everyday wear and comfort. When I need to be a little more glammed up I then head over to my other favorite Fashionistas for inspirations on date night outfits and more.

What type of Fashion Bloggers do you enjoy following? 

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