Fashion Bloggers I Love to Follow

If your anything like me then you probably follow a bunch of Fashion Bloggers or Beauty Influencers on Instagram or even their blogs. I love following two different types of Fashion Bloggers. I love to follow the ones that are super daring and on the latest fashion trend. Those are the girls that can wear a pair of metallic boots with an outfit that is so out of my comfort zone yet can take an amazing staged picture to try to get me to by that exact outfit. But then I have to realize that I am not as daring and probably wouldn't wear those boots to school drop off or to the grocery store. Those types of bloggers are the ones that I like to admire on the gram.

Building & Painting Race Cars

Keeping kids busy can sometimes be tiring especially during the winter months. If you been following me for a while then you know we love to have game nights with the kids. The kids also get to play their video games during the weekend but they do have a limit on screen time. So keeping them busy with other activities is something I like to do to keep them motivated and interested in other things besides TV, Video Games and Tablets. 

Making my 2019 Vision Board

Last year I made my very first Vision Board. I got the inspiration and idea from a fellow blogger that swears by vision boards. So I decided that I would make one and see what it could do for me in terms of keeping on track with my goals. The idea of seeing my goals every morning when waking up and every evening before bed was going to be a game changer.  It just made sense of making sure what each day was going to be about and that was to keep reaching for my goals and crossing them off as they were completed. A month from completing my 2018 Vision Board I had already met one of my goals. That just set the tone for the rest of the year.

Starting a Blog

Recently I have been getting so many questions on how blogging works and how can one go about starting a blog. So I figured I would do a post so I can redirect everyone who asks me to this post. I just figured it would make it easier since there has been so many people interested in knowing more about the blogging world lately. By all means I am no expert. Which is why when people ask me I automatically tell them I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I sometimes have no clue what I'm doing and I'm still trying to figure out the business aspect of it all. So if anyone wants to mentor me or give me any pointers please hit me up because I can use all the tips and help I can get. So with that being said I am going to share what I did to get started in this post.

Screen Time and Video Games

Screen Time is something we don't play around with in our home. We have specific Rules when it comes to tablets and video games. My kids are not allowed to use any of their devices until Friday. Yup I said it FRIDAY!!! When Friday rolls around you will know because the boys will let it be known that it is iPad and Game System Day. Its like a big celebration for them. Some people may think that I'm a little over board with my rules but this is what works for our house hold.

Hello 2019

Hello 2019! Its been a full week in the New Year and I am finally getting to my first post of the year. I took a break for a few weeks here on the blog to kinda be more present in spending time with the family and not having to worry about meeting a deadline that I have committed my self to. But now that the Holidays are over I decided that not only was I ready to get back to posting but that I was ready to give my little space here on the Web a fresh New Look and to also reintroduce my self. So here it goes..........