A Fun Evening with Santa's Circus at The Avenel Performing Arts Center

The Holidays are quickly approaching and although our schedules have been full of shopping, school activities, holiday parties etc we have still managed to fit in a fun family friendly holiday show right near our town. When we heard that the newly and beautiful Avenel Performing Arts Center was having a Holiday show I immediately knew that I needed to check it out with the kids. The kids have been loving theater shows lately and it seriously just makes my heart scream with joy. I absolutely love the performing arts so taking my boys to shows that they will love makes me happy. 

SpongeBob The Musical at The State Theatre

When you think of attending musicals and shows you automatically think of Broadway, NY. I tend to forget that we have some amazing theaters right here in NJ.  A few weeks ago we attended the Broadway Series Sponge Bob the Musical at the State Theater here in New Brunswick, NJ. It was our second time attending a show at this theater and we absolutely loved it.

Top 5 Amazon Devices for Christmas

Last month I was invited to check out some of Amazon's newest devices that were being released just in time for the Holidays. I was super excited to check out all the new gadgets that I myself would be adding to my wish list. We own a few of the amazon devices already so its safe to say we are already fans of their products. We are a streaming family so that means we have the Fire TV Stick to stream live TV and all of our favorite streaming apps . We also have the Echo and the Fire 8 Kids Tablet. We have never had an issues with any of our devices and we use them daily. I wanted to share my top picks from the event that would make great Christmas gifts fro just about anyone in your family. All of these devices are affordable and a lot of them are actually on sale as well.

No School Means Fun At Liberty Science Center + Giveaway

Can you guys believe we are already in November? The kids were on Fall Recess last week and so that meant that I needed to find things for us to do. Keeping the kids busy during the colder months can sometimes be challenging as the weather can be unpredictable like it has been for the past few weeks now. So when planning out our activities for the week I decided to add Liberty Science Center to our list and I am glad I did. If your not from the NJ/NY area then you may not be familiar with Liberty Science Center.  LSC is an interactive science museum and learning center that lets kids be hands on with the exhibitions and its perfect for all ages. Currently they have the Dinosaur Train Traveling exhibit and the Angry Birds Universe exhibition along with their main attractions.

DIY Scrooge McDuck Halloween Costume

I usually start asking the boys what they want to be for Halloween towards the end of August.  I do it early so that I can get them early and not wait for the last minute. Well this year my oldest was set on being Scrooge McDuck from the cartoon series Duck Tales. I honestly thought he was joking but he was dead serious. I searched high and low and could not find anything in stores for this theme. I even tried to convince him to pick something else but he was not having it. So I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found the perfect costume that I can replicate. It was super easy to make and I think anyone can make it.

Family Fall Activities

Happy Fall you guys! I know that we are already into the second week of October but if I am being honest we have been sick on and off over here. I have been working on this post since last month and although I 'm a little late to getting it up I still wanted to share. I see that everyone has been enjoying all the fall activities and we have yet to do any of the things that are on our list. Here are a few things that we are hoping to do this fall season in the NJ/NY area.

OmieLife Lunch Box Review + Hot Lunch Ideas

Now that we are a few weeks into the new school year I can finally give our honest review on the OmieBox from OmieLife.  I wanted to make sure that we had a good amount of time using it before really talking about it with you all. Now lets just say I am not new to the taking your own lunch game. As most of you that have been following me for a while  know that my oldest has food allergies so he has always taken his own lunch to school.  Not to mention that my oldest does not like cold lunches or sandwiches making it super hard to find things that worked for him. For years we have used a thermos and so my oldest has mastered in opening it and I have some what mastered what types of foods work for hot lunches in the thermos.

Birthday Getaway at The Kartrite Resort

A few weeks ago we celebrated Jay's 10th Birthday. I remember when I first started this blog he had just turned 3 years old. I decided to really just enjoy the moment with him and the family that I didn't even post on social media about his birthday.  I did post a few things on my Instagram Stories but that's about it.  Now that it has been a few weeks I did want to share what we did for the BIG 10!!! For the last 3 years we stopped doing big parties with him and just cut a cake with immediate family and then we go away for a few days. This year we decided to take a road trip up to the Catskills in NY.  There had been so much talk about the newest indoor waterpark called the Kartrite Resort and so we wanted to check it out for ourselves. We booked 2 nights and spent his actual birthday at the resort.

Our Top Back-to-School Picks

School is finally back in session this week  for us here in NJ. I wanted to share some of our Back-to-School picks in case anyone was interested in some of these awesome finds.  If you follow me over on my Instagram then you know that we attended Kindergarten Orientation and this momma has all the feels so finding my little guy all the things that make him feel happy and excited was a must. Now we can't forget about my super cool 5th grader. (insert more tears here) My oldest was very involve in picking pretty much everything this year. I wanted him to feel cool and to let his personal style shine.

Back to School With Oilogic + Giveaway

Our Mini Getaway in Wildwood, NJ

This summer we decided that we would do mini getaway's vs a big trip. For this trip we decided to take the boys to Wildwood, NJ. We have not been to Wildwood in about 10 years. We actually went right before Jay's first birthday so he definitely does not remember. Taking this trip with our family and starting new summer traditions meant the world to me. It brought back so many memories for my husband and myself as we both grew up going to Wildwood with our families. If your not familiar with Wildwood, it is a city known for its resort like feel. You will find tons of motels, hotels, and vacation homes here. It has one of the longest Boardwalks in NJ filled with Arcades, Amusement Rides, Shops, & tons of Eateries. For more info go to Wildwood, NJ.

Dinosaur Fun at The Field Station

The Field Station is one of the places I have been wanting to take the kids to but just haven't had the chance to until this past weekend. I had purchased tickets on Groupon back in May and originally wanted to surprise Ayden on his Birthday with them but it was pouring rain. So I decided to just wait for the weekend that was nice with no plans and that was this past weekend. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to learn and explore everything about Dinosaurs. Ayden's first reaction was that we have made it to Jurassic Park. I couldn't stop laughing when he said that because he was so serious and mentioned he wanted to see the Raptor's trainers. I was praying that he wouldn't be disappointed because seriously kid Raptor trainers are only in the movies.

Ruffle Bathing Suit + Body Positivity

Its Summer Time and that means its bathing suit season. Like most women I dread this time of year. It doesn't matter if I have been watching my figure aka dieting or working out I always just dread having to think about wearing a swim suit. I will say it flat out I am always going to be my worse critique and there is always something that I do not like about my body. I have come to terms with it and like I said it does not matter if I am in the best shape ever I still find something that I do not like. I know that some of you can relate to this.

Hippo-Sized Fun at The Adventure Aquarium in NJ

Have you ever seen a Hippo up close? Last week we were invited to come check out the Hippo Festival at the Adventure Aquarium here in NJ where we met Button & Genny. I have never seen a Hippo up close before so it was super cool to see not only one but two of them. We learned about each of the hippos and their journey to the Adventure Aquarium. The kids participated by placing some fun facts on a time line as the animal experts were telling us all about Button & Genny's life journey. We learned so much about them from the animal experts that it left us wanting to learn more.
 The boys were so interested in knowing all about Button & Genny that they were not shy at all when it came to asking the experts their questions.

Why you should go see the show "BE MORE CHILL" The Broadway Musical

I was recently invited to see the show "BE MORE CHILL" The Broadway Musical. I knew nothing of this particular show until I received the invitation. After doing some research I learned that the show was originally based on a novel by Ned Vizzini and later turned into a musical by Joe Tracz & Joe Iconis. The musical was first seen on the small stages in Red Bank, NJ and it later made its premier Off Broadway and now on Broadway.

3-D Magic Puzzle Cube + 3-D Magnetic Building Tiles

We recently partnered up again with Picasso Tiles for a fun review on their amazing STEAM products. Picasso Tiles lets kids be Creative, Unique, & most important Themselves. I absolutely love their products because it lets my kids use their creativity and imagination during play. The boys love playing with their Picasso Tiles Racing Track that when they received the New Glow in the Dark 3-D Magnetic Building Tiles they were super excited. They were happy to add more tiles to their existing set and the fact that they Glow in the Dark was a bonus. They can play for hours with these and I love that. I love that you can use them with other sets making the kids creativity that much more fun. I mean what kid doesn't like Glow in the Dark toys. My boys love pretty much anything that is Glow in the Dark these days. These tiles have been the perfect addition to their existing set.

Ayden's Jurassic World Birthday

I can't believe that I am even writing this post. Ayden turned 5 this past Monday and I just still can't believe it. My baby is no longer a baby but a Big Boy.  Now if you follow me on social media then you know that my Ayden is still dinosaur obsessed. This will be the second dinosaur themed party I have done for him. You can check out his 3rd Birthday Dino-Mite Party Here! This time around he wanted a Jurassic World party but he wanted it to be base off of his favorite dinosaur from the movie Blue.So of course I went to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted to keep everything super simple because we were having his party at Pump It Up and so I needed easy set up and budget friendly decorations. 

Top 4 NJ Farms for Strawberry Picking + Fun Activities

Strawberry Season is here and we are all for it. We recently went strawberry picking at Terhune Orchards with some friends and had such a good time. It was our first time picking our own strawberries and it certainly will not be our last. The kids really enjoyed picking their own strawberries and had so many questions on how foods are grown and why do they only grow certain times of the year etc. I love that hey were interested and eager to learn about the growing process of our food.

Cutting The Cord With Cable

Six months ago we decided that we no longer wanted to pay our ridiculous cable bill. We have tried basically all the cable companies that were offered in our area once our prior contracts were done. Cable companies will offer you a sweet deal as a NEW CUSTOMER but in between that sweet deal comes additional charges. Our last cable company we had we thought was the lowest deal for the basic package until 12 months pass and then for the additional remaining 12 months our package had went up to regular price. There honestly is not one cable company that you can say is affordable. They claim to give you the next cheapest deal as a value customer but in reality its not, especially when you add all the crazy taxes and rental charges for the boxes etc.

JORD Watches Make The Perfect Gift + Giveaway

With Father's Day approaching I always seem to be a last minute shopper.  I'm pretty sure it's because I always have such a hard time choosing a gift or just have no clue what to get the special people in my life. Please tell me that you can relate!?! That's why JORD Watches is the perfect solution. If you haven't heard about JORD Watches then let me tell you a little about this amazing company.

Our Road Trip To Washington, DC

I can't believe it's been a week since our road trip to Washington, DC. It's crazy how you plan something months in advance and do the research on what to do and where to stay and poof its done in a blink of an eye. We had such a blast and what made it so much more exciting was doing it with some friends and their kiddies. I wanted to share everything we did in hopes to help you with your trip to Washington, DC.  We are from NJ so the ride wasn't too long for us. It was about 3 1/2 hours give or take the time of day you go. The traffic wasn't to bad going down but to come back home that was a whole different story and it was mostly due to lane closures. Check out all the details below on our trip! I also have a Washington, DC highlight in my Instagram Stories for those of you who may be interested. This is probably my longest post yet so grab a snack and enjoy. 😉

Why I ❤ Basic Invite

I recently discovered an amazing company called Basic Invite.  Basic Invite is an online company that offers custom invitations and more. They have anything from Wedding, Baby Shower & Graduation invitations to custom Business Cards and Stationary. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant online previews. What I love the most is that once you select your design you can basically customize every element of the design to any color you wish. Yes you heard that right. You are able to not just change the font size and color but able to change every color of your design. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. There is 180 different colors to chose from so you will be able to customize it to fit your vision and party color scheme.

LEGOLAND Resort is Coming to New York

Last week I had the pleasure in attending the LEGOLAND New York Resort Press Event held at the World Trade Center in the Oculus Building in New York City. The event was to talk about the new amusement park & hotel coming to Goshen, NY in Spring 2020. As you can imagine my kids are beyond excited and just can't want till the park opens up next year. If you have been following me you already know that my boys are obsess with anything LEGOS and we have been to the Discovery Centers here in PA & NY along with visiting this past summer LEGOLAND FL.

Spring Break Road Trip Ideas

This year for Spring Break we decided that we would go on a road trip to a destination that we have been trying to go for more then over a year. So I wanted to share with you some fun Road Trip ideas for the family that we either have already been to or planning on going to in the near future. You don't have to spend a fortune to travel and so that's why road trips are always a great option for those who are on a budget or last minute planners. When choosing a destination for our road trip we always have to make sure that there are plenty of kid friendly activities so that the whole family can enjoy. Check out all of our road trip picks down below!

#SelfCare & P2 Volume Gloss

One of my personal favorite things to do for #SelfCare is to paint my nails. I don't really go to the nail salons anymore and it could just be that I don't make the time to go, the smell, and the cost. So I actually don't mind doing my own since I'm super basic and not to fancy with tips or acrylics. I have used tons of different brands but some can be a little pricey at times. For the past few months I have been loving the P2 Volume Gloss gel like nail polish. What I love about the polish is that one its affordable and two it looks like a professional gel mani. Well at least that's what I think.

Do You Grocery Shop Online?

Shopping online is definitely the new norm. Some people will say that its being lazy but I say its actually being smart and beneficial depending on whats it's for. I will say that I do shop both in store and online for most things. When it comes to clothes and items that may not be in store I don't mind waiting to receive it through the mail. Not to mention I feel that online has the best sales depending the store. Now lets talk about Grocery Shopping Online! I have been doing this on and off for the past 5 years. I will be honest I absolutely hate grocery shopping. Some say its therapeutic for them and when going super earlier in the morning its calming and enjoyable. I have yet to feel the same way. I'm not sure what it is about grocery shopping but I don't enjoy it. So when grocery shopping online became a thing a few years ago people thought I was crazy for not doing it myself. Yes I am a stay at home mom and blah blah blah. I still hate it!!! lol

Inexpensive Easter Wreath

I love everything and anything that has to do with home decor but when you live in an apartment you have to kind of be cautious in what you purchase and have. You can definitely over accumulate and then have no where to store these items especially seasonal and holiday decor.  I have been wanting a pretty floral Spring / Easter wreath but if I'm being honest no one really sees it. So to purchase a beautiful expensive wreath does not make sense at the moment. What does make sense is staying on budget and doing a DIY  Wreath.

Sparking Joy in My Home

About two month ago I watched the series on Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I literally only watched 3 episodes and then decided that I needed to declutter and basically get rid of everything that does not spark joy. Her method makes sense but not sure if I would actually thank my stuff. (Enter Laughing Emoji Here) Seriously I think that's just a bit much for me. I did like that instead of tackling one room at a time that she would do certain areas like all the closets or everything paper. So gathering all the paper in your home and putting it in a pile to go through makes sense. I can start in one room and easily get distracted to where I never really finish the room. I have to say that I have been getting better since I have started with the Spark Joy system as I like to call it.

Picasso Tiles Racing Track + Review

We recently partnered up with Picasso Tiles to bring you an awesome review on their new Racing Track Set. Picasso Tiles are magnetic shaped tiles that are Non Toxic, BPA Free and Lead Safe for children. They are colorful transparent tiles that can make 3D works of art. Picasso Tiles definitely bring out children's imagination and creativity for hours of play. Before receiving our box from Picasso Tiles my boys have never played with or own any magnetic tiles so we were super excited to receive our first box and start building. 

The Circus is Coming to Edison, NJ + Giveaway

The Garden Bros Circus is coming to Edison, NJ and we can not be more excited. Last year I tried to get tickets for the kids but by the time we found it about the circus it was already to late as it was SOLD OUT! So the kids were a tad disappointed. So this year I mad sure to do some early research to see when they will be in town and when the tickets would officially be on sale so I can share with you all who didn't get to go last year as well.

5 Things to Do With Kids During The Winter Months

Winter does not seem to be leaving us just yet here on the East Coast so that makes it challenging to actually enjoy the out doors with the kids. Keeping the kids busy during the winter months can be hard sometimes because you start running out of ideas on what to do with them to keep them busy. Not to mention  keeping your sanity so you don't lose your shit which I am definitely guilty of  #MOMLIFE and #REALLIFE.  In this post I wanted to share some of our favorite things to do with the kids during these Winter days.

Getting Dressed for Me

I have been wanting to post this but didn't know how or if I should. It's no surprise that like many other women I struggle with weight, self esteem and just being comfortable in my own skin. A year ago I started my WW journey and I had reached my goal weight but like many I had gained a few pounds back and had recently started my journey with WW again. Although I didn't gain that much I wanted to get myself back on track and feeling amazing.

My Favorite WW Snack & Update

Happy Friday!! Friday's are officially Weight Watchers Fridays here on the blog. My last WW post I said I would give updates on weight lost, my journey with WW and also share some favorite snacks and recipes. The first two weeks were a little bit of a struggle I must say but I am on the right track. I shared my weigh in day on Instagram last week. I was down .6 which brought me down from 143.4 to 142.8. I was happy to have gone down and was super strict this week with my choices and habits. I went in for my weigh in yesterday and was a little skeptical because I had just gotten my Menstrual so I knew I was going to probably be up even though I was so committed this week. Well I was right and I was up .4 and weighed in at 143.2. Hopefully next week I will see more progress.

Starting Weight Watchers Again

I started Weight Watchers back in October of 2017. I had joined the program for 3 months and was super dedicated. I admit it was hard in the beginning for me but I adjusted rather quickly.  I want to say I was at my heaviest I had ever been and was completely uncomfortable with my body. Being at 154 pounds which was my pregnancy weight for both my boys was insane to me. My goal was to lose 20 pounds and by January I did just that. I was down to 134 and was feeling amazing and comfortable. I then decided to cancel my membership because I thought I was able to keep it off.

Fashion Bloggers I Love to Follow

If your anything like me then you probably follow a bunch of Fashion Bloggers or Beauty Influencers on Instagram or even their blogs. I love following two different types of Fashion Bloggers. I love to follow the ones that are super daring and on the latest fashion trend. Those are the girls that can wear a pair of metallic boots with an outfit that is so out of my comfort zone yet can take an amazing staged picture to try to get me to by that exact outfit. But then I have to realize that I am not as daring and probably wouldn't wear those boots to school drop off or to the grocery store. Those types of bloggers are the ones that I like to admire on the gram.

Building & Painting Race Cars

Keeping kids busy can sometimes be tiring especially during the winter months. If you been following me for a while then you know we love to have game nights with the kids. The kids also get to play their video games during the weekend but they do have a limit on screen time. So keeping them busy with other activities is something I like to do to keep them motivated and interested in other things besides TV, Video Games and Tablets. 

Making my 2019 Vision Board

Last year I made my very first Vision Board. I got the inspiration and idea from a fellow blogger that swears by vision boards. So I decided that I would make one and see what it could do for me in terms of keeping on track with my goals. The idea of seeing my goals every morning when waking up and every evening before bed was going to be a game changer.  It just made sense of making sure what each day was going to be about and that was to keep reaching for my goals and crossing them off as they were completed. A month from completing my 2018 Vision Board I had already met one of my goals. That just set the tone for the rest of the year.

Starting a Blog

Recently I have been getting so many questions on how blogging works and how can one go about starting a blog. So I figured I would do a post so I can redirect everyone who asks me to this post. I just figured it would make it easier since there has been so many people interested in knowing more about the blogging world lately. By all means I am no expert. Which is why when people ask me I automatically tell them I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I sometimes have no clue what I'm doing and I'm still trying to figure out the business aspect of it all. So if anyone wants to mentor me or give me any pointers please hit me up because I can use all the tips and help I can get. So with that being said I am going to share what I did to get started in this post.

Screen Time and Video Games

Screen Time is something we don't play around with in our home. We have specific Rules when it comes to tablets and video games. My kids are not allowed to use any of their devices until Friday. Yup I said it FRIDAY!!! When Friday rolls around you will know because the boys will let it be known that it is iPad and Game System Day. Its like a big celebration for them. Some people may think that I'm a little over board with my rules but this is what works for our house hold.

Hello 2019

Hello 2019! Its been a full week in the New Year and I am finally getting to my first post of the year. I took a break for a few weeks here on the blog to kinda be more present in spending time with the family and not having to worry about meeting a deadline that I have committed my self to. But now that the Holidays are over I decided that not only was I ready to get back to posting but that I was ready to give my little space here on the Web a fresh New Look and to also reintroduce my self. So here it goes..........