Christmas Gift Cards for Kids

Not sure what to get your kids or any kids in your family for Christmas well don't stress it. Gift cards are always great for kids. My kids love receiving gift cards. They are not that type of kid that has to have an actual toy or big gift. They love anything that is given to them and appreciate it. So with that being said we decided to get some some gift cards to their favorite places versus getting them a bunch of toys that they only play with for a few weeks. My kids have tons of toys and they are not always played with. My oldest is 9 and he is starting to out grow playing with certain toys and my little guy wants everything but also only plays with things for a while and then its back to the old toys. I just think its a waste of money to go over board.

So this year we decided that we would only get them a few items on their list, one shared gift which is their big gift and then some gift cards to places they love going to. Just to give you an idea these are some of their go to places that I'm sure any kid would like.

| Dave & Busters|

What kid wouldn't love to get a gift card to this place. My kids love going to Dave & Busters to play all their favorite arcade games. They love playing some of the boardwalk games that they can collect points for. They have accumulated a good amount so far.


Movie gift cards are great. There are so many kids movies being released that you are bound to always put some good use to these gift cards. It also helps with the cost when having more then one child.


My boys love bowling and we usually do a lot of bowling in the summer with the kids bowl free program. This is a great option to get the family out and away from screen times.

|Favorite Restaurant or Ice Cream Parlor|

Not sure about your kids but my kids love eating out. They love going to their favorite restaurants for lunch or dinner and sometimes just for dessert.

|iPlay America|

Indoor amusement parks are a must and you can't go wrong with giving a kid a gift card to one. iPlay America has indoor amusement park rides, an arcade and restaurants. It's definitely a fun place to visit.

|Favorite Store|

If you don't think kids like shopping then your wrong. They love shopping when its for themselves. So getting them a gift card to pick out something they would like that they didn't get as a gift is just as good. My kids will shop around the toy aisle. Pick out all the things they want in the price range of the card and then narrow it down to what they can get more of with the amount they have. They are pretty smart shoppers.

With that being said Gift Cards are great options especially for last minute shoppers. Don't forget to be a little creative with how you present your gift cards. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Remember you don't have to spend a lot on the gift card either. A $10 gift card with a little something else that the child might like works great if you feel they need to open something other then a card. Especially for smaller kids who might not get the gift card concept.

Hope this helps you all when holiday shopping this season.


  1. Great gift card ideas!!!! Also you did a fall tablescape inspiration, will you be doing a christmas/winter one?

    1. Thanks Resa. I can definitely round up a few of my favorite Christmas / Winter tablescapes for you. xox