Pajamas For All Review

'Tis the Season of comfy and cozy pajamas. With the temps getting colder and the holiday season finally here all I want to do is stay home in my pj's. Normally I would rather be in a pair of sweats and a hoodie but lately I have been trying to be better in finding myself some comfy and cozy pajama sets. My kids have tons of sets and I always wonder why I don't have just as many. We should all be able to have soft and cozy pajamas like kids do but at affordable prices right?!?

Magic of Lights at the PNC Bank Arts Center + Giveaway

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can finally get into the Christmas Spirit. On Black Friday is when we put up our tree and get into all the Holiday spirit with music and movies. This year after putting up our tree on Black Friday we headed over to the Magic Of  Lights at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. The Magic of Lights is a Family Holiday drive thru of light displays. It features over a mile long of festive and vibrant displays. Bringing all the Christmas Magic to you while sitting in the comfort of your own car. We were not sure what to expect as this was our first time attending. As soon as we arrived the kids were so excited with all the different light displays and immediately were shouting which ones were their favorites. Tuning into the radio station they recommended we were able to sing along to all the holiday music while driving thru and it definitely felt like straight out of a Christmas movie.

|Fall Recess Fun|

This past week school was out on Fall Recess. I knew I wanted to do something with the kids but it had to be in doors because of the weather. The temps had been dropping and it has been raining a lot so anything that we can do indoors is what was best. So with that being said we visited the kids favorite places. Both places were about an 1hr and 15 min away which isn't to bad. 

Our First stop was LEGOLAND Discovery Center in PA. If  you have been following me for a while you will know that my kids are obsess with anything and everything LEGOS. We have visited this particular Discovery Center a few times for different events so this time it was nice to just go on our own and enjoy some of the things we didn't get to do in our previous visits. 

Small Shared Apartment Closet + Organization

We live in a 2 bedroom rental that has no closets whats so ever. The only closets we have in our apartment are the one closet in each bedroom and the tiny linen closet in the bathroom. Our apartment has the access to the attic so that's where we are able to store seasonal stuff and anything that we do not use on the daily. 

The kids have the bigger room which has a slightly bigger closet then the one my husband and I share. Now you know when you have a rental there are things that you are not allowed to do such as putting holes in the walls or changing anything that the landlord did not agree on. So when trying to figure out how I could utilize my space I had to kinda think out the box for a moment. My closet literally only has a hanging bar and one long shelf across. Above that shelf was so much wasted space and although it went up higher where I would need a step stool (short people problems) I still wanted to make it work.