|We made it to LEGOLAND FLORIDA|

|We finally made it to LEGOLAND Florida!|

For the past year my boys have talked about wanting to visit LEGOLAND in Florida. After watching Ryan and his family from Ryan's Toy Review visit LEGOLAND, that's all they have talked about. We have previously visited the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in PA & NY and the kids love it. They love anything LEGOS so we knew we had to try to make it happen and we did.
Because we are from NJ we had to try to take advantage of doing and seeing as much as we can on this trip. When booking our stay in Orlando we didn't realize that LEGOLAND was about 45 mins out. So because we didn't do a car rental we needed to figure out the transportation situation.


LEGOLAND  has a round trip shuttle that will pick you up from a pick up location and drop you off. I know amazing right. It gets better. It is only $5 per person round trip. So if you are visiting any of the other parks in the Orlando area and wanted to do a day in LEGOLAND it is possible to do. The only thing that's a must is that you make the reservation for the shuttle with your payment. You will also have to arrive 30 mins before to make sure you don't miss the shuttle to the park because again it is only one shuttle doing the round trip ride. I do have to say that the shuttle ride seemed pretty fast. There was a Lego Movie playing so the kids were focused on that and didn't ask a hundred times how much longer.


Once the boys saw the LEGOLAND sign they started to get super excited and couldn't wait to get inside. Our first stop was the Water Park section in LEGOLAND. If you are not familiar with LEGOLAND in Florida they do have two parks within each other. There is a separate fee for the Water Park from the amusement park section.

Water Park

I do have to warn you it is a nice little walk to the water park. I felt like we basically walked through the whole amusement park before reaching the water park section. Once we arrived at the water park section the boys were so eager to get our day started so they jumped into the Duplo Splash Safari (kiddie pool) and were having the time of their life. They loved that they could swim and play with giant LEGOS.

I really was impress with their water park section. It wasn't super big but just perfect for their ages. After the Duplo Splash Safari, we headed to the Build-a-Raft River, LEGO Wave Pool, the Joaker Soaker & Build a Boat which was another favorite. I want to say we spent about 3 hrs in the water park and it was so empty which was surprising yet amazing. They have a few different food stands in the water section in case you wanted to grab some lunch before heading over to the dry section of the park which was exactly what we did.

Theme Park

Once we headed over to the dry section of LEGOLAND we made our way to the Ford Driving School & Ford Jr. Driving School. The boys really had so much fun with these rides. They even were given a Ford's Drivers License. It really was super cute. We made our way through out the park and enjoyed so many more rides before it decided to full on down pour. But we made the best of it. Thankfully there were some fun indoor rides and 3D shows for us to enjoy since the weather was not cooperating. Although there was only two hours left till closing I feel like there was so much more to see and do that we just didn't have time to finish it all especially due to the weather.

We really enjoyed our time at LEGOLAND and we actually wouldn't mind coming back to visit again to do some of the things that we didn't get to do. The kids can now scratch this off their list of places to visit.

I just want to say a BIG Thank You to LEGOLAND Florida for having us.
(Although we received complimentary tickets all opinions remain my own.)



  1. How awesome!!.. this looks like just a fun family trip. We haven't visit before but now I can't wait to start planning our trip there. All the information and tips are super appreciated. Thanks for sharing it with us at #alittlebitofeverything

    1. Thanks for stopping on by. I think your little one would love it. It definitely was a lot of fun. xox