|Our Adventures in Disney Hollywood Studios|

Ever since my kids saw the commercial that Toy Story Land was opening up this past summer that was all they could talk about. So after the opening of Toy Story Land is when we decided to book our trip. We literally booked our trip in less then 2 months. I know crazy but we did it. Once we booked it and told the kids they automatically said they were going to Toy Story Land. So because it was our first time traveling as a party of four I knew that I needed to research the parks and on what to do that the whole family can enjoy. At first I didn't think that the kids would enjoy anything else other then Toy Story Land and boy was I wrong.

Because we were staying in Disney we had early access to booking our Fast Pass Rides. I downloaded the Disney My Experience App and basically stalked it on a daily. I figured which rides and attractions the kids would love and checked the wait times. I basically mapped out our day a head of time. I know what your going to say. That's too much and crazy. I promise you it will make the trip go smoother.

The Florida heat was crazy on the day we did Hollywood Studios so having a plan and not staying in long lines was our goal. Our first stop was Toy Story Land. When we arrived the kids immediately jumped in line to get Buzz's autograph and picture. The line was pretty short and moved rather quickly. We walked around the park and took some pictures. We also enjoyed the show that the Soldiers put on. They looked and sounded just like in the movie. They were super cool and we really enjoyed how they interacted with the kids. After the mini show from the Soldiers we went on our first Fast Pass Ride which was Toy Story Mania. We had so much fun on this ride. We then made our way to take some pictures with Woody & Jessie.

Our next Fast Pass was for the Disney Jr. Live show. I know some people will say you don't need a Fast Pass but the show was super pack and I'm glad we were able to get in early. We also were able to get some pics with Doc & Jack. The lines were super short which was a plus. I personally thought the show was super cute and glad we were able to catch it before its last call.

Now it was time to make our way to grab some snacks and to head on over to the Muppet 3D Show.
Although it was blazing hot it was nice to be able to cool off in doors. Hollywood Studios has a lot of in door shows to see so it was nice to just get out of the sun for a bit as the heat and sun can be exhausting.

There's just so much to see so we walked and enjoyed some ice cream and watched the Star Wars Show Path of the Jedi. We then made our way down Hollywood Boulevard and caught the March of the First Order which was super cool. After this mini show was over we made our way out of the park and back to our hotel room to relax, freshen up and head to dinner. Once we were done with dinner we made our way back to Hollywood Studios to finish the evening out.

I knew I wanted to see the Fantasmic Show and we had just made it back in time to see it.. We rushed to the arena and grabbed our seats. If you've seen this show before and have no interest seeing it again then I advise you to then head to Toy Story Land. During this time in the evening there is barely a wait for the rides because literally everyone is at this show. If you have not seen this show definitely see it. It was absolutely amazing. The boys loved it as much as I did. Even my husband said it was great and glad we saw it. Once the show was done I doubled checked my app and saw that the wait times at Toy Story Land were still low so we dashed on over there while everyone else was watching the Star Wars Fireworks. We were able to get on the Alien Swirling Saucers with only a 10 min wait. I must say I'm glad we were able to ride this ride at night because it was even better with all the lights. The feel of the park is truly magical and amazing in the evening. We did everything we wanted to do in Hollywood Studios and really enjoyed the park. We were sad we didn't get to ride Slinky but hey there's always next time.

Hope you enjoyed our Adventures in Disney Hollywood Studios. You can also catch more of our Disney Hollywood Studios in My Instagram Highlights. Stay tune for more of our Disney Adventures!

Have you been to Disney Hollywood Studios recently?  What is your favorite ride or attraction?


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