MineCraft Minefaire Fun

Last week we attended the MineCraft Minefaire here in NJ. It was our first time ever to attend Minefaire and although I have read other blog post and watched the videos on what goes down I was not prepare for the long lines. I have to say it was really crazy but my boys had a blast. 

Our first stop at the Minefaire was the Live Gaming Stations. The lines were not long at all for these stations. They actually moved rather quickly. What I liked was that it was timed so each group had a certain amount of time to play and once it was done the screens read Game Over. The boys enjoyed playing with the other kids live and wanted to get back in line immediately to play again.

Next stop was to say Hi to some of the Raising Stars on YouTube. We got some autographs, along with stickers and some bracelets. These kids were very good at marketing themselves to their peers and getting them to check out their channels. The main stage had fun activities such as Live Trivia, Costume Contest which I was super impressed with and Q&A with some of the popular YouTube Gamers.

What my boys were mostly excited for was to meet one of their favorite YouTubers named Ethan Gamer. I can't even begin to tell you how long the line was to meet him. Thankfully dad saved the day with holding our spots in line while we met some other cool YouTubers such as OMG Chad & Gizzy. We also walked around and checked out the biggest Minecraft Store ever.  My kids were specific on what they wanted which was the bow and arrow but they were sold out so we didn't end up purchasing anything. Once we were done checking out all the fun and cool things at the Minefaire we checked up on dad and the long line. We were in line for a TOTAL of 3 hrs.

(OMG Chad)        
When the boys finally got to the front to meet Ethan it was all worth it. My boys not only got his autograph and photo but also got to talk to him. Ethan took the time with each fan and answered questions and really engaged with his fans. He was such a sweet boy. His parents also spoke with the parents making it a great experience for everyone.

(Ethan Gamer)        
When your boys look at you and say it was worth the wait it really made me excited and happy for them. It is probably one of the coolest experiences they had this year and something they will always remember.

If you have a Minecraft fanatic I suggest you grab some tickets and arrive early. It is an all day affair and something your kids will love and remember. Check Here to see when the Minefaire will be in your area.

Thank You MineCraft Minefaire for having us!
(Although this post was sponsored all opinions remain my own.) 



  1. Looks like they had an awesome time! Go Mama!

  2. Awww looks like your family had a blast! I've never heard of Ethan, but wow, what a life to be that young and signing autographs! And 3 hours?! omg...the things we do for our babies :D

    1. Yes hes very popular with the kids and minecraft. Omg I know the things we do for our kids. Crazy right?!?

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! this would be right up my daughters street.

    1. She would totally love it! We definitely had a nice time seeing the kids in their element.

  4. It looks like this was a great family day event! Looks like fun too.

  5. Looks like boys enjoyed a lot... Happy time...