|Minecraft Minefaire Giveaway|

If your reading this post its probably because you have a Minecraft fanatic. I'm new to the whole Minecraft World. My oldest son has recently started getting into playing the Minecraft games and I am trying to learn along with him and what its all about. If your child loves Minecrfat then you know all about the Minefaire. The Minefaire is only one of the biggest events in the U.S. that is everything and anything that has to do with Minecraft.  The will be on stage shows, costume contest, live gaming, Q&A with your favorite YouTubers, and Minecraft LEGO building and more.

|Cozy Phones:Review|

In today's post I wanted to talk about this super soft and amazingly comfortable head phones for the entire family.  If your anything like me I usually purchase headphones on the regular because my kids will accidentally break them, loose them or for some reason they stop working. I can't tell you how many head phones the kids have gone through. So when we received these I just new they would be perfect for the kids and even myself.