|Potty Training the Second Time Around|

Hey guys I was recently asked on how did I potty train Ayden and if I had any tips to share. So I figure why not write a post to share what I have learned through the potty training process the second time around and what worked for both me and my little guy.

Potty training the second time around was much easier then the first time around. When I had started potty training my oldest I had started before his 3rd birthday. As a new mom I was trying to fit in all the milestones when they were expected and potty training was one. I was also trying to get him trained before starting Pre K3 which is a requirement. Looking back now I wish I would have not pushed him so hard or have gotten frustrated that he was not getting it. It took a while and a lot of accidents. But it was a long road for the both of us. I want to say he finally had it down pack at about 3 1/2 years old.

Now this second time around with Ayden I told myself that I would introduce the potty before his 3rd birthday and see how it goes. Sure enough he wanted nothing to do with the potty. He would scream and cry. So I left it at that. I had learned that I was not going to stress out about it and I was not going to push the issue. Shortly after he turned 3 I reintroduced it again and I got the same reaction. I would say I would introduce it every few weeks but didn't push the issue. And yes I have the kids little potty chair and it was just a waste to be honest. He didn't care for it.

One day we were in Walmart picking up pull ups and I saw that they had the potty seat for the toilet so I showed it to him and asked him what he thought. He obviously wanted me to buy it so I did. We picked up the Mickey Mouse one. When we got home I showed him how it would be used and he seemed interested but not so fast. It didn't last to long. So again I would just keep introducing it every few weeks. When day he decided to just let me know he wanted to try. So of course I was like ok lets go. Although he just sat there it was a great start because he was now telling me that he wanted to try. So I then introduce the sticker chart. So now he was actually trying to go and when ever he went he would get his sticker. When I tell you how excited we were both you wouldn't believe it. We will throw a dance party of excitement.  Once I saw that he was going daily I then took him to buy some underwear and explained that he couldn't get them wet. He did amazing in them. He only had one accident on himself with the under wear. 

When I say I felt so happy that I didn't push him and waited till he was ready it makes the experience so much easier for the both of us. What made it easier was that I didn't put him in Pre K3. So I didn't have to meet a deadline of my child being potty trained. Unfortunately it will not be the case for other parents and I get that. 

So now that he had Potty Training down we needed to go from sitting down to standing up. That part only took about a week. He now goes in by himself and calls me after to help with washing his hands etc. 

Night time Potty is still a work in progress. We will get there eventually. So all in all listen to your child. They will let you know when they are ready. Some kids get it on super early and that's awesome and then for others it takes time. Don't get frustrated because it does not make it any easier for you or the child. You don't want your child feeling scare, anxious or discourage. 

What are some of your potty training tips?
Please share down below in the comments with me!

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