|Build or Boom: Review|

We love playing board games as a family. I have to say we play board games at least 2-3 times a week. Its a great way to put down the electronics and just focus on some great quality time with the kids. Our friends at Goliath Games were so kind to send over their latest game called Build or Boom. When my oldest first saw the commercial for the game he immediately said we needed to get the game for our family game night.

The game was super easy to set up and the instructions were pretty clear. The game is for two players but we like to play in teams. The object of the game is to be able to build whats on the blue print card before your opponent. Once you finish building your plans you then smash the Boomer to send your opponents structure plummeting to the ground. On the blue print card there are hammers at the corner of the card. The hammers indicate how many points it is for that card if you win the challenge. The first player to get 10 pts wins the game.

I love that the boys have to really look at the blue print to follow the directions in building. It requires them to think fast and to try to have a steady hand while building their structure. I love the excitement and competitiveness they have with this game. It is one of our latest favorites and has been on rotation since we received it. 

If your kids love games like my kids then this is definitely one to add to your collection. 
Thank You Goliath Games for adding another game to our collection.

(Although this post was Sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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