|Ayden's Roadster Racer Party|

I can't believe  I have a 4 year old. People always say enjoy your kids while they are little because they grow fast. Well that is very true. I can't believe that Ayden just turned 4 & I'm still in shock. I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. He's my last baby and so it makes me a little emotional that he is growing up so fast.

This year Ayden has been all about his birthday. He was very particular about what he wanted his birthday theme and party to be. So of course because he wanted the Mickey & The Roadster Racer theme I figure it would be easy to find at the main stream stores such as Party City, Target or Walmart. When I took him to go birthday shopping he was very disappointed that he didn't find anything in stores with the theme. Although some of the packaging of items at Party City had the Roadster Racer logo he quickly notice that the characters were NOT in their race gear or have a race car in the theme. What they had available in stores is not what he imagine. Guys I'm telling you he was very particular about what he wanted his birthday party to look like. With that being said I knew I had to do some diy decor to make his birthday the way he imagined it. I always use pinterest for some inspo and to get my creative juices flowing. So now that I knew I had to diy this party I  now had to figure out what was I going to give as a goody bag. I ended up going to the DollarTree to check out what kind of things they had and to see if anything would work for the goody bags. Well while I was looking through the party section I came across Mickey & The Roadster Racers party decor. I could not believe it. I was so excited to have found some things with the theme and for a dollar at that. Mom for the WIN!!!! The Dollar Tree also had some Mickey and Minnie Glow sticks that worked great with the theme and perfect to give as a goody bag gift. I had also picked up some painting sets from the Target dollar spot that had Mickey in his race gear for just a dollar.
 After stressing about not finding things for this theme things finally started to come together.

Planning a party can be super stressful when you want to give your child the best party ever that we forget they are happy with the littlest things. This year he really just wanted to see some Roadster Racer decor and although I made myself crazy trying to figure it all out it actually came together. When he walked in he was super happy and excited with everything. He must of thanked us a thousand times. The Roadster Racer Swim Party was a Success!!

|Party Details|

Cake was a DIY (Made by My Sister & Friend)
Invitation was a DIY (made by me)
Mickey & the Roadster Racer Decor in Oil cans and on wall were a DIY
Mickey Ears -Target 
Minnie Ears - Party City
Road Table Runner - Hobby Lobby 
Checker Table Cover - Hobby Lobby
Roadster Racer Snack Box -Dollar Tree  (In Store)
Roadster Racer Cupcake Holder and Picks - Dollar Tree  (In Store)
Birthday Banner -Target 
Checker Flag - Oriental Trading 

How many of you Momma's enjoy party planning? Are you a DIY party planners or buy everything in store? Share with me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute idea for a birthday party - and happy birthday, little one! Thanks for sharing your sources for all the darling decorations - it all coordinated so well!

  2. Score! I love the dollar tree! Cute theme and adorable kiddos ☺

    1. The dollar tree saves me all the time!! lol And thank you!

  3. I love all the decorations! You are so creative. I always struggle with party themes :(

  4. You did a great job! It looks like it turned out well. :)

  5. Happy birthday to you too mama! What a blessed child to have such loving parents. The planning seems to all be worth it to see his beautiful smile at the end. Thanks so much for sharing the party details. Kids are sure to love this! 👍🏼

    1. Aww thank you Evelyn your too sweet!! xox