|Our Favorite Family Time Moments|

Family Time is definitely my favorite time. I know that we get so busy with either work, house stuff, kids activities and so much more that sometimes we forget to really enjoy some family time. Life really gets hectic and we forget to squeeze in those awesome times with one another with out the rushing from one place to another. What I have learned over the years that you honestly don't have to spend money on going out in order to have Family Time. Yes peeps you can have an awesome time with your kiddos without breaking the bank. I know crazy right. But I have found that the times you don't break the bank are probably the most cherished & memorable. Today I am sharing some of the ways that we like to spend with each other.

|Dinner Time|

As simple as this sounds having dinner time is one of my personal favorites. During the morning its usually me doing the morning routine with the kids because the hubs is already at work. So when it comes to dinner time we always sit together. This is the time when we get to unwind and talk about our day with one another. The boys love asking Daddy how his day was and if anything interesting happen during his truck routes and also asking J how his day in school was etc. It is another way to also be present without any technology and really focus on one another. Eating as a family is super important to us and the kids love it. Do you and your family eat together?

|Game Nights|

My kids always look forward to game nights. We try having game night at least once a week but sometimes we have it twice a week. Now since the boys are different in age we like to play games that they will both enjoy. Sometimes if we play a game that my little guy does not understand we will make him part of a team. So he gets to choose if he wants to play on Team Mommy or Team Daddy. J is super competitive so he likes to play solo.(lol) When we have game night its usually full of laughter and sometimes tears. Not only do we enjoy our time playing games but it also teaches the boys that your not always going to win and how to not be a sore loser. J is still working on not being a sore loser. (insert laughing and crying emoji here) We live for game night. I will share our favorite family games in another post.

|Local Parks|

We absolutely love going to the park. Now that the weather is getting nicer we live for these days and evenings. During the week we love to visit the parks in our surrounding neighborhoods. But on the weekend we love going to Liberty State Park. We love to walk around the park, play on the jungle gyms, ride scooters, fly kites, practice some soccer skills with the boys and picnics. We love to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can during the warmer months. How often do you enjoy your local parks?

|Movie Night|

We love at home Movie Night. The boys love to plan out their snack trays and get cozy up on the sofa or sometimes floor. We obviously choose family friendly movies with the kids. The last movie we watched was BIG with Tom Hanks. Watching some old child hood classics with the kids is our favorite. It takes us back in time for sure. My oldest has really been appreciating a lot of the movies we grew up on and makes my heart of so happy. He will always ask me how old were we when we watched particular movies so I always have to check the year for him. Now that the weather is warming up we will also be enjoying movies in the park. That is another fun way to watch a movie.
Do you enjoy movie time with your kids?

How do you and your family spend Family Time? Please share with me in the comments below some of your favorite things you like doing as a family that doesn't always require spending money.

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