MONSTER JAM at MetLife Stadium in NJ

My boys have been wanting to attend the Monster Jam Show since last June when they saw the commercials that they were here in NJ. I had promised my boys that when they came back around that I would get them the tickets. I also made sure that I would include it in my vision board when the New Year rolled around because it was something I wanted to make sure that I did with the kids.  I was literally pricing tickets the day I received the email invitation that we were invited to attend Monster Jam here in NJ at the MetLife Stadium.
I honestly could not believe it and was super excited they wanted to work with me. I could not keep it a secret and told the kids the exciting news. My boys were so excited and constantly asking when was the show and how many more days till we get to experience Monster Jam. My youngest who is a big fan of Ryan's Toy Review would constantly show me the episode when Ryan and his dad went to see the show. He wanted to experience everything just like Ryan.

The whole week following up to the day of the show I was obsessing over the weather. Boy was the weather not trying to let us have our experience at Monster Jam. Do you know that Monster Jam is Rain or Shine?! Yup it is rain or shine unless its thundering and lighting the show will go on. Thankfully I came prepare but wish that the weather was different. We arrived early to attend the Pit Party which was pretty cool. The boys loved being up close to their favorite Monster Jam Trucks and also that they were able to meet the amazing & talented drivers. They also had BMX riders performing some tricks, you were also able to ride on a Monster Jam Truck and more. They had so many activities at the Pit Party for the kids. I was super impress on how organized and how much fun it was. It was definitely a way to pump you up for the show.  The kids definitely enjoyed the Pit Party but as soon as we walked into the stadium to find our seats it starting raining.

I was super bummed that it started raining but we truly made the best of it. I pulled out our ponchos that I bought with me and got the kids covered as much as possible and prayed that it would stop raining. Once the show started we semi forgot about the rain. Unfortunately the rain held back the drivers from a full performance. I don't feel that we got the full experience because of mother nature but it was cool and the kids loved it. They are already talking about when can we go back and to make sure I check the weather for the next time.

My personal favorite trucks are Max-D, Grave Digger and Whiplash. If you don't know the driver of Whiplash is Brianna Mahon and shes amazing!!! Jay's favorite truck was the Hot Wheels Truck because he is a big Hot Wheels Fan. Ayden's favorites are Zombie, Max-D and Grave Digger. We also all loved the Mad Scientist (Lee O'Donnell) because he's from Jersey! His performance was pretty cool and when his truck ended up flipping over the crowd went nuts. I knew that Monster Jam was pretty big but didn't know that the Motor Sport was serious. They compete all over for the World Championship Title. So its just not a show but a real competition where they compete in racing and in freestyle. We can't wait to go back to another show so we can get the full show and experience.

If you have a Monster Jam Fanatic I definitely recommend the show. It really is a fun outing for the whole family. I also do recommend noise cancellation headphones for the kids. It is super loud in the arena. Click Here to see which ones my kids have.

Thank You Monster Jam for having us! 

Have you attended any of the Monster Jam shows in your area? What were your thoughts and experience on the show?
(Although this post was Sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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