|Food Allergies & Dave and Busters|

We recently took the kids to the Dave and Busters near us. This was our second time going there and this time we decided to have an early dinner there. So if you have been following me for a while you know that I have a child with Food Allergies. He has been living with food allergies since his diagnoses at the age of 3. Going to public places to eat can sometimes be challenging and we always have to remember to ask questions and to just always be aware for him. So shortly after being seated
at Dave and Busters dining area we skimmed the menu and notice there were a lot of items that contain peanuts, shellfish and plenty of other allergens. Once our waitress came to the table to take our drink order we immediately asked her what type of oil they cook with and she immediately asked is there someone in your party with Food Allergies. When we said yes she said we cook with Soy but let me grab you our Food Allergy Menu. Wait what?!? In all the restaurants we have been to I have never heard of such of thing. I was pleasantly surprise and happy at the same time. 

When the waitress came back with the menu she proceeded to explain that their kitchen does handle different foods and there can be a possibility with cross contamination from the equipment when cooking the food. So they have a separate menu for each common allergen on safe foods to have from the menu. Although it was not a big selection I was happy to know that they had this Food Allergy Menu and wish that all restaurants had something similar.


My son wanted chicken fingers and fries and it was on the safe menu to have under the Peanut Allergy & Tree Nut Allergy section of the menu. This has made the ordering process a little less nerve wrecking for me as we are always prepare with carrying Benadryl and his Epi Pen just in case something did go wrong. 

Not only were we supper happy about this experience but we were thankful for the waitress Michelle in taking the time to talk to us and showing us the menu.

Thank You Dave & Busters for this, it makes dining out with our son a little less stressful.

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