|Food Allergies & Dave and Busters|

We recently took the kids to the Dave and Busters near us. This was our second time going there and this time we decided to have an early dinner there. So if you have been following me for a while you know that I have a child with Food Allergies. He has been living with food allergies since his diagnoses at the age of 3. Going to public places to eat can sometimes be challenging and we always have to remember to ask questions and to just always be aware for him. So shortly after being seated

MONSTER JAM at MetLife Stadium in NJ

My boys have been wanting to attend the Monster Jam Show since last June when they saw the commercials that they were here in NJ. I had promised my boys that when they came back around that I would get them the tickets. I also made sure that I would include it in my vision board when the New Year rolled around because it was something I wanted to make sure that I did with the kids.  I was literally pricing tickets the day I received the email invitation that we were invited to attend Monster Jam here in NJ at the MetLife Stadium.

|Our Favorite Family Time Moments|

Family Time is definitely my favorite time. I know that we get so busy with either work, house stuff, kids activities and so much more that sometimes we forget to really enjoy some family time. Life really gets hectic and we forget to squeeze in those awesome times with one another with out the rushing from one place to another. What I have learned over the years that you honestly don't have to spend money on going out in order to have Family Time. Yes peeps you can have an awesome time with your kiddos without breaking the bank. I know crazy right. But I have found that the times you don't break the bank are probably the most cherished & memorable. Today I am sharing some of the ways that we like to spend with each other.