Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break starts on March 30th for us this year and I can't believe that its almost here. I am not prepare for it and we really didn't have any big plans this year. So because we are not going away to a beautiful and warm location I decided to share with you our favorite indoor activities for those of you who are within the NJ area or that may also have some of these similar fun places around your area.

|Easter Bunny Wreath|

It's been a while since I have shared a DIY and so I figure why not do an easy Easter Bunny Wreath for you guys.  I have seen these all over Pinterest the past few yeas and never really had the time to actually make one. If you ask me I really wanted to just purchase one because sometimes not all DIY's come out looking great. I have had my share of disaster DIY's trust me. What really got me inspired was that I was cleaning up this catch all area in my kitchen and found a bag from the Dollar Tree of Christmas garland that I apparently miss placed. So I pulled out my crafting supplies I had and made me an Easter Bunny Wreath. It literally took me 15-20 min to make.

Crayola Factory Fun

On Presidents Day we decided to head on over to the Crayola Factory in PA. We figured we would go early morning and make it a day since there was no school. Well not sure what I was thinking because that place was so packed. The lines to get in were long but moving. It was a little unorganized in the sense that people with tickets were in one line and people that needed a ticket were in another line but then had to go right back in the line with the people who had tickets.