|Enjoy Life's Product Review|

Since my last post about the possible cross contamination and Jay's reaction I have been
 searching for safer snack options. I have been reading labels & ingredients and mores so about the facilities on where the product is manufactured. I can not have what happen to my son happen again. So I have been on a mission to be able to find a brand that offers some similar favorite snacks for my son to be able to take in his lunch box and even when we are on the go. I also wanted to find something that I can literally purchase in store vs order online so I can pick up as needed and not have to spend money on shipping.

With tons of googling and research I found this company called Enjoy Life. I was super surprise to not only see that they make their products in a peanut / tree nut free facility but to also see how many other allergens they are free from. I reached out and the company was kind enough to send me some samples to test out for this review. 

Enjoy Life's model is to Eat Freely Enjoy Fully. They are Allergy Friendly and free from Gluten and 14 of the most Common Allergens
Tree Nuts
They are also made with All-Natural Ingredients like quinoa, buckwheat, and honey.

I love how right on the packaging it says Allergy Friendly and what its free from. I also appreciate how simple it is to see all the ingredients with out needing to really look for it or squint because the information is to small to see. It makes it so much easier for my 8 year old to also read himself if he needed to.

Although my son was the main test taster of these awesome products we all joined in and enjoyed them just as well. Jay's favorite was definitely the snicker doodle soft bake cookies. Not only did they smell good but they taste good as well. To see the joy in his face to eat something and not to worry if it will harm him brought me to tears. He has been extra cautious since the incident and just finding these snacks for him makes me so happy to know that hes enjoying it and that its safe for him. 
My husband really enjoyed the Banana Caramel Grain & Seed Bars & I enjoyed the cookies and the Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars. The kids also loved that there was also chocolate chip morsels that we can use to add in their pancakes and for baking home made cookies.

 They really do have a variety of options and I am so happy to have found them. I used the find a store locator on their website and found that my local grocery store caries some of the products in store. The reason I never seen them is because they are not found in the general cookie snack section. I found them in the Organic section. So if you look for them in your grocery store and can't find them try in the Organic section. 

We recently purchased the Mini Chocolate Chip & Mini Snicker Doodle Cookies for his lunch box and he's been loving them. 

Thank You so much Enjoy Life for the package of goodies. You have definitely won us over.

Have any of you tried this brand before?

 You don't have to have Allergies to enjoy them so next time your food shopping check them out. You wont be disappointed.

(Although we were sent the products for this post all opinions remain our own.)


  1. Very informative! I will definetly recommend this brand to friends with diet/ allergy restrictions.

    1. Thanks for the love friend! Yes please share. We have been loving these products. You should definitely try them out.

  2. Great information! I will share this review with mothers who are looking for snacks that are allergy friendly.

  3. As a mom never without an epi-pen, we definitely appreciate Enjoy Life. We're always on the lookout for great snacks produced in nut free facilities!

    1. Yes itss super challenging to find products but when you do we want to share it with all!! Thanks for stopping by! xox

  4. That must be terrifying to see your child have a reaction, even when you thought what he was eating is safe! Good thing there are companies like this one that are allergy-friendly!

    1. Yes super scary. With all the precautions you just never know. Thanks for reading! xox

  5. Whoa, I had no idea they made cookies, too! My 10 year old has had a corn allergy + celiac so it's incredibly challenging finding something she can eat since corn is in literally everything it seems! I do use their baking chips, but I think we're far enough out in the rural-ish areas that some specialty foods like this don't make it out to us! Which is a bummer. I'll be looking for these on Amazon for sure, though!

    1. Thanks for reading Stella. My son also had a mild allergy to corn when he was younger but have grown out of it since. Yes definitely check Amazon your daughter will love them especially for school lunches etc.

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