|Enjoy Life's Product Review|

Since my last post about the possible cross contamination and Jay's reaction I have been
 searching for safer snack options. I have been reading labels & ingredients and mores so about the facilities on where the product is manufactured. I can not have what happen to my son happen again. So I have been on a mission to be able to find a brand that offers some similar favorite snacks for my son to be able to take in his lunch box and even when we are on the go. I also wanted to find something that I can literally purchase in store vs order online so I can pick up as needed and not have to spend money on shipping.

|Allergy Reaction & Possible Cross Contamination|

A few weeks ago Jay experienced his first food allergy reaction since being diagnosed. He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old and when we were told what foods he was allergic to we made sure to stay away from those food products. We also made sure that everyone that came in contact with him was aware of his allergies. I spent time researching and learning what I needed to know to educate myself and others. I am constantly reading labels and making sure that the products I buy are safe for him. Recently I had purchased snacks for his school lunch box since he takes his own to school. I picked up a box of the Oreo 2pk box from Walmart like I normally do every other week. He has had Oreo cookies plenty of times as it is one of his safe snacks to have.