|There's a New Queen in the Castle|

Last week we were invited to attend the bloggers/influencers event at Medieval Times here in Lyndhurst, NJ. Boy were we in for a treat. After having a King on the throne for 34 years the castle now has a Queen. That's right a WOMAN is now in charge! The show has a brand new story line, beautiful new costumes, some pretty coolnew armor & new music.

My Favorite Storage Organizers for Toys!

With all the holiday's finally over now we can take a deep breath and try to get our house back in order. We live in a small space so when ever the holiday's roll around I get super anxious because in my mind I'm already thinking about where will things go and what toys are the kids no longer loving that we can donate. Before the holiday we managed to get 11 bags full of toys and clothes for

Ben 10 : Four Arms

Back in November when we attended Play Fair in NY we came across the Ben 10 booth. My oldest son watches the show on Cartoon Network so he was super excited when he saw the booth. I didn't know to much of the show or characters. So clearly I got a crash course from my son while we were in line at the booth.

My Top Planners for the New Year

Happy 2018!
With the New Year always comes a New Planner. I would say that for the last couple of years I have been using the Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas. It has been my go to planner for numerous reasons. Although I love the layout of the planner and how you can customize it to your liking I decided to see what other planners would work for me.