Mom's Xmas Wish List + Giveaway

Can you believe that Christmas is less then 10 days away. I honestly can not believe how fast this month has been going. Between all the holiday shopping and activities I kinda can't wait for winter break so we can just take it slow and enjoy things at a slower pace. Until then I wanted to share a Mom's Xmas Wish List. I'm sharing this list because there are some really good deals and because I figure I would share some of the items that I wouldn't mind receiving as a gift myself. So if your stuck on gift ideas or just looking to get your self something then check down below!!!

Christmas Tablescape Inspiration

Recently I was asked if I can share some of my favorite Christmas or winter tablescapes so I rounded up my favorite ones from Pinterest. We unfortunately don't have a dinning room so I don't get to decorate our table the way these beautiful tables are decorated. Don't get me wrong I still add a little something to our everyday kitchen table but it is minimal as our kitchen table sometimes can become our catch all. #RealLife

Christmas Gift Cards for Kids

Not sure what to get your kids or any kids in your family for Christmas well don't stress it. Gift cards are always great for kids. My kids love receiving gift cards. They are not that type of kid that has to have an actual toy or big gift. They love anything that is given to them and appreciate it. So with that being said we decided to get some some gift cards to their favorite places versus getting them a bunch of toys that they only play with for a few weeks. My kids have tons of toys and they are not always played with. My oldest is 9 and he is starting to out grow playing with certain toys and my little guy wants everything but also only plays with things for a while and then its back to the old toys. I just think its a waste of money to go over board.

Pajamas For All Review

'Tis the Season of comfy and cozy pajamas. With the temps getting colder and the holiday season finally here all I want to do is stay home in my pj's. Normally I would rather be in a pair of sweats and a hoodie but lately I have been trying to be better in finding myself some comfy and cozy pajama sets. My kids have tons of sets and I always wonder why I don't have just as many. We should all be able to have soft and cozy pajamas like kids do but at affordable prices right?!?

Magic of Lights at the PNC Bank Arts Center + Giveaway

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can finally get into the Christmas Spirit. On Black Friday is when we put up our tree and get into all the Holiday spirit with music and movies. This year after putting up our tree on Black Friday we headed over to the Magic Of  Lights at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. The Magic of Lights is a Family Holiday drive thru of light displays. It features over a mile long of festive and vibrant displays. Bringing all the Christmas Magic to you while sitting in the comfort of your own car. We were not sure what to expect as this was our first time attending. As soon as we arrived the kids were so excited with all the different light displays and immediately were shouting which ones were their favorites. Tuning into the radio station they recommended we were able to sing along to all the holiday music while driving thru and it definitely felt like straight out of a Christmas movie.

|Fall Recess Fun|

This past week school was out on Fall Recess. I knew I wanted to do something with the kids but it had to be in doors because of the weather. The temps had been dropping and it has been raining a lot so anything that we can do indoors is what was best. So with that being said we visited the kids favorite places. Both places were about an 1hr and 15 min away which isn't to bad. 

Our First stop was LEGOLAND Discovery Center in PA. If  you have been following me for a while you will know that my kids are obsess with anything and everything LEGOS. We have visited this particular Discovery Center a few times for different events so this time it was nice to just go on our own and enjoy some of the things we didn't get to do in our previous visits. 

Small Shared Apartment Closet + Organization

We live in a 2 bedroom rental that has no closets whats so ever. The only closets we have in our apartment are the one closet in each bedroom and the tiny linen closet in the bathroom. Our apartment has the access to the attic so that's where we are able to store seasonal stuff and anything that we do not use on the daily. 

The kids have the bigger room which has a slightly bigger closet then the one my husband and I share. Now you know when you have a rental there are things that you are not allowed to do such as putting holes in the walls or changing anything that the landlord did not agree on. So when trying to figure out how I could utilize my space I had to kinda think out the box for a moment. My closet literally only has a hanging bar and one long shelf across. Above that shelf was so much wasted space and although it went up higher where I would need a step stool (short people problems) I still wanted to make it work. 

|Trick or Treat Giveaway|

Halloween is about a week away and we are still trying to get in all the fun activities with the kids. One of our favorite things to do once the weather starts getting colder here on the east coast is visit in door water parks.  One of our favorite indoor water parks to visit here in NJ is Sahara Sam's Oasis in West Berlin, NJ. What we love about visiting is that they always have some fun holiday activities going on for the kids. Plus we love that we can still have water park fun during the colder months. 

|Free Fall Fun|

Fall is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the crisp cool air, the color of the leaves as they change and all the Fall activities. Although I love everything Fall I still like to stay on a budget with all the Fall Fun. It can get super expensive and especially when you have more then one child. So what I learned is to research within my town and surrounding towns for all the fall activities to save on some cash, but to still enjoy everything fall.

Pizza with Pizzer Time

Friday's are usually Pizza Day in my house but on occasion I will have to say we have had it more then once a week. When you have kids that are picky eaters or just really love pizza like my kids then you sometimes have it more then once. Nothing wrong with that so please don't judge!

|Disney Vacation Tips & Fun|

How I miss the most MAGICAL place on earth! It's been about a month since our trip to Orlando and I'm just finally getting around to sharing all the fun we had and tips for Disney Vacation. Before our trip I do have to say that I researched everything Disney on pinterest and other fellow bloggers blog post. I want to say I took advice from a bunch of different places and then went along with what worked for our family. So remember I am not a Disney planning expert but I did want to share what worked for us on this Magical trip.

|Our Adventures in Disney Hollywood Studios|

Ever since my kids saw the commercial that Toy Story Land was opening up this past summer that was all they could talk about. So after the opening of Toy Story Land is when we decided to book our trip. We literally booked our trip in less then 2 months. I know crazy but we did it. Once we booked it and told the kids they automatically said they were going to Toy Story Land. So because it was our first time traveling as a party of four I knew that I needed to research the parks and on what to do that the whole family can enjoy. At first I didn't think that the kids would enjoy anything else other then Toy Story Land and boy was I wrong.

|Diy: Jessie Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears|

When we made the final decision on going to Disney World I knew right there and then that I wanted to make my own Minnie Mouse Ears. I was all about cutting the cost on things for the trip and Minnie Ears was one. When we decided on the parks that we were going to I knew exactly what I wanted my Minnie Ears to be. Now I already had a set of Minnie Mouse ears that I had purchased from Party City for Ayden's Roadster Racer Party which made the perfect template for my DIY.

|New Phone Cases + Giveaway with CaseApp|

I have recently partnered up with CaseApp. I have worked with them prior and have been using their products for the past few months. I honestly was super excited when they reached out to me once again because I wanted to not only check out some new designs to share with you all but also to try a different style of case from what I already have.

|We made it to LEGOLAND FLORIDA|

|We finally made it to LEGOLAND Florida!|

For the past year my boys have talked about wanting to visit LEGOLAND in Florida. After watching Ryan and his family from Ryan's Toy Review visit LEGOLAND, that's all they have talked about. We have previously visited the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in PA & NY and the kids love it. They love anything LEGOS so we knew we had to try to make it happen and we did.

|Fall Fashion Preview with Carters & OshKosh|

We recently were invited to attend the Fall Fashion Preview Event for Carters & OshKosh. Carters has always been one of our favorite brands because of how amazingly soft their clothes is. So when we were invited to check out the new line for both brands it was a no brainier that we wanted to be apart of it. 

MineCraft Minefaire Fun

Last week we attended the MineCraft Minefaire here in NJ. It was our first time ever to attend Minefaire and although I have read other blog post and watched the videos on what goes down I was not prepare for the long lines. I have to say it was really crazy but my boys had a blast. 

|Minecraft Minefaire Giveaway|

If your reading this post its probably because you have a Minecraft fanatic. I'm new to the whole Minecraft World. My oldest son has recently started getting into playing the Minecraft games and I am trying to learn along with him and what its all about. If your child loves Minecrfat then you know all about the Minefaire. The Minefaire is only one of the biggest events in the U.S. that is everything and anything that has to do with Minecraft.  The will be on stage shows, costume contest, live gaming, Q&A with your favorite YouTubers, and Minecraft LEGO building and more.

|Cozy Phones:Review|

In today's post I wanted to talk about this super soft and amazingly comfortable head phones for the entire family.  If your anything like me I usually purchase headphones on the regular because my kids will accidentally break them, loose them or for some reason they stop working. I can't tell you how many head phones the kids have gone through. So when we received these I just new they would be perfect for the kids and even myself.

|How we visited The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for FREE|

A few weeks ago we visited The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC. We have been wanting to visit for a while now but haven't visited because it can be pricey when traveling from NJ. Just getting into the city is expensive between gas, tolls and the cost of the bridge. Not to mention paying for parking as well. So because we live on a budget I am always trying to find the best deals.

|Ayden's Roadster Racer Party|

I can't believe  I have a 4 year old. People always say enjoy your kids while they are little because they grow fast. Well that is very true. I can't believe that Ayden just turned 4 & I'm still in shock. I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. He's my last baby and so it makes me a little emotional that he is growing up so fast.

|Build or Boom: Review|

We love playing board games as a family. I have to say we play board games at least 2-3 times a week. Its a great way to put down the electronics and just focus on some great quality time with the kids. Our friends at Goliath Games were so kind to send over their latest game called Build or Boom. When my oldest first saw the commercial for the game he immediately said we needed to get the game for our family game night.

|Potty Training the Second Time Around|

Hey guys I was recently asked on how did I potty train Ayden and if I had any tips to share. So I figure why not write a post to share what I have learned through the potty training process the second time around and what worked for both me and my little guy.

|Food Allergies & Dave and Busters|

We recently took the kids to the Dave and Busters near us. This was our second time going there and this time we decided to have an early dinner there. So if you have been following me for a while you know that I have a child with Food Allergies. He has been living with food allergies since his diagnoses at the age of 3. Going to public places to eat can sometimes be challenging and we always have to remember to ask questions and to just always be aware for him. So shortly after being seated

MONSTER JAM at MetLife Stadium in NJ

My boys have been wanting to attend the Monster Jam Show since last June when they saw the commercials that they were here in NJ. I had promised my boys that when they came back around that I would get them the tickets. I also made sure that I would include it in my vision board when the New Year rolled around because it was something I wanted to make sure that I did with the kids.  I was literally pricing tickets the day I received the email invitation that we were invited to attend Monster Jam here in NJ at the MetLife Stadium.

|Our Favorite Family Time Moments|

Family Time is definitely my favorite time. I know that we get so busy with either work, house stuff, kids activities and so much more that sometimes we forget to really enjoy some family time. Life really gets hectic and we forget to squeeze in those awesome times with one another with out the rushing from one place to another. What I have learned over the years that you honestly don't have to spend money on going out in order to have Family Time. Yes peeps you can have an awesome time with your kiddos without breaking the bank. I know crazy right. But I have found that the times you don't break the bank are probably the most cherished & memorable. Today I am sharing some of the ways that we like to spend with each other.

|NEW NINJAGO 4D Movie at LEGOLAND Discovery Center|

This past Thursday we had the pleasure in attending the Premier of the New 4D NINJAGO Master of the 4th Dimension Movie at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia. Not only did we walk the Red Carpet but we also met and took pictures with Lloyd, one of the stars from the movie. The boys were super excited to meet one of their favorite NINJAGOS & also for all the fun activities they were about to
 participate in. 

|Customized Phone Case with CaseApp + Giveaway|

I recently upgraded my phone and with a new phone you always need a new case. After searching for about a week and not finding anything that stood out I was given the opportunity to partner up with CaseApp.  I was super thrilled and couldn't wait to get started on my customized phone case.

|Celebrating LEGOLAND Discovery Center's 1st Birthday in PA|

Last week we were invited to help LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia celebrate their 1st Birthday. We are such big fans of Legos so when we received the invitation we were super excited to take the trip to PA and help them celebrate. Not only were they celebrating their 1st Birthday but they were also revealing their New Arctic Adventure Exhibit as well. We were super excited for all the fun we were going to embark at LEGOLAND.

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break starts on March 30th for us this year and I can't believe that its almost here. I am not prepare for it and we really didn't have any big plans this year. So because we are not going away to a beautiful and warm location I decided to share with you our favorite indoor activities for those of you who are within the NJ area or that may also have some of these similar fun places around your area.

|Easter Bunny Wreath|

It's been a while since I have shared a DIY and so I figure why not do an easy Easter Bunny Wreath for you guys.  I have seen these all over Pinterest the past few yeas and never really had the time to actually make one. If you ask me I really wanted to just purchase one because sometimes not all DIY's come out looking great. I have had my share of disaster DIY's trust me. What really got me inspired was that I was cleaning up this catch all area in my kitchen and found a bag from the Dollar Tree of Christmas garland that I apparently miss placed. So I pulled out my crafting supplies I had and made me an Easter Bunny Wreath. It literally took me 15-20 min to make.

Crayola Factory Fun

On Presidents Day we decided to head on over to the Crayola Factory in PA. We figured we would go early morning and make it a day since there was no school. Well not sure what I was thinking because that place was so packed. The lines to get in were long but moving. It was a little unorganized in the sense that people with tickets were in one line and people that needed a ticket were in another line but then had to go right back in the line with the people who had tickets.

|Enjoy Life's Product Review|

Since my last post about the possible cross contamination and Jay's reaction I have been
 searching for safer snack options. I have been reading labels & ingredients and mores so about the facilities on where the product is manufactured. I can not have what happen to my son happen again. So I have been on a mission to be able to find a brand that offers some similar favorite snacks for my son to be able to take in his lunch box and even when we are on the go. I also wanted to find something that I can literally purchase in store vs order online so I can pick up as needed and not have to spend money on shipping.

|Allergy Reaction & Possible Cross Contamination|

A few weeks ago Jay experienced his first food allergy reaction since being diagnosed. He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old and when we were told what foods he was allergic to we made sure to stay away from those food products. We also made sure that everyone that came in contact with him was aware of his allergies. I spent time researching and learning what I needed to know to educate myself and others. I am constantly reading labels and making sure that the products I buy are safe for him. Recently I had purchased snacks for his school lunch box since he takes his own to school. I picked up a box of the Oreo 2pk box from Walmart like I normally do every other week. He has had Oreo cookies plenty of times as it is one of his safe snacks to have.

|There's a New Queen in the Castle|

Last week we were invited to attend the bloggers/influencers event at Medieval Times here in Lyndhurst, NJ. Boy were we in for a treat. After having a King on the throne for 34 years the castle now has a Queen. That's right a WOMAN is now in charge! The show has a brand new story line, beautiful new costumes, some pretty coolnew armor & new music.

My Favorite Storage Organizers for Toys!

With all the holiday's finally over now we can take a deep breath and try to get our house back in order. We live in a small space so when ever the holiday's roll around I get super anxious because in my mind I'm already thinking about where will things go and what toys are the kids no longer loving that we can donate. Before the holiday we managed to get 11 bags full of toys and clothes for

Ben 10 : Four Arms

Back in November when we attended Play Fair in NY we came across the Ben 10 booth. My oldest son watches the show on Cartoon Network so he was super excited when he saw the booth. I didn't know to much of the show or characters. So clearly I got a crash course from my son while we were in line at the booth.

My Top Planners for the New Year

Happy 2018!
With the New Year always comes a New Planner. I would say that for the last couple of years I have been using the Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas. It has been my go to planner for numerous reasons. Although I love the layout of the planner and how you can customize it to your liking I decided to see what other planners would work for me.