American Museum of Natural History

A few Saturday's ago we spent the afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It was our first time at this Museum so we didn't realize how big it really was. My oldest son was so excited to spend the day there as he is a big fan of the movies "The Night at the Museum" which was based on this particular one.
He wanted to search for all the exhibits that were in the movie. Although we were unable to find everything we were able to point out things that reminded us of the characters from the movie.

The boys really enjoyed the Cullman Hall of the Universe. The moon, stars, and planets have been a new favorite in our home so being able to explore these at the museum was fun for them. We were lucky enough to be able to make it to the Black Hole Theater were we experienced what is beyond our galaxy. It was both boys first time in a planetarium so seeing their reactions to the exhibit and having questions about it made it all worth it.

The next favorite for the boys was the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs. I have to say we spent a good amount of time in this section of the museum. My little one said to me, "Mommy this makes me happy." I thought that was just the cutest thing ever. He is a very big fan of dinosaurs and when ever we can see some type of dinosaur exhibit he goes crazy. Being able to get up close and personal to a life size dinosaur is always fun. Learning about all the different types of dinosaurs and mammals that once roamed the earth makes the wheels in their little heads turn. And boy do they always have tons of questions about these extinct species.

We were also trying to make it to the New exhibit called Senses but were we unable to make it as we lost track of time and were a little lost in the museum. When having kids you really need to go a lot earlier in the day because it can get rather overwhelming with all the other visitors and all the exhibits they have to offer.
 Seeing the boys learn new things from just a trip to the museum makes me so happy. Not everything can be learned in the classroom so being able to go out and explore the American Museum of Natural History was totally worth it. We honestly can't wait to go back and explore the areas that we were not able to see during this trip.

Have you been to the American Museum of Natural History in NY? What was your favorite exhibit?

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